And we're off!

Tomorrow, Tay and I leave for Vegas!  We are staying in the New York New York for a night, and then off to Flagstaff, Arizona to see FUN in concert!! We can hardly wait!  We have been waiting for this trip for a very long time! If you live in Utah, you may be wondering, "Why on earth are they going all of the way to Arizona to see Fun in concert when Fun was just in Utah a month ago!?" Folks, let me tell you why.

In January, Taylor and I learned that Fun was coming to Salt Lake City.  We were PUMPED!  We planned for it, talked about it, and even had sleepless excited nights about it.  We could not wait.  
Then, about two weeks before the concert, Taylor asked me, "Did you get the tickets in the mail?"
"No.  When did you purchase them?" I asked.
"Wait...I thought you purchased them...." Taylor said.
"You're kidding, right?"
Taylor turned to me with a look of despair across his face, "Oh, no. Oh, no. Are you telling me you didn't purchase the tickets?"
"I thought YOU were going to purchase the tickets!!"
Taylor ran to his laptop, pulled up the webpage to order tickets, and sure enough....SOLD OUT.
We looked around to find people selling their tickets, but they were selling for five to six times the original amount.
Needless to say, after learning that neither of us had bought the tickets, we sat in silence for a long time.  Don't tell Taylor I told you this...but he may or may not have had a few small tears over this incident.  When I saw his eyes filling with tears, I quickly said, "It's okay, Tay! There are other concerts!  I'm sure there's one in Vegas or something."  Wrong, again.  The closest one was in Flagstaff, Arizona...nine hours away.  But, we didn't even think twice.  We booked the tickets. Right then and there. Months in advance.

And now, here we are.  Another sleepless night...because we are too dang excited! But this time, we're really going!

I will try my hardest to blog while we are there.  But we all know how vacations go: we bring homework, books to study, promise ourselves we'll keep up on our email, maybe a few small things to do for work...and, of course, we never do any of that. Instead, we party and relax. Which is what vacation is for, right?  So, if blogging doesn't happen...look forward to an awesome post on Thursday!  Oh, and Part 2 of The Desired Forgettable, Yet Unforgettable Moments of Marriage is ready to be posted as well.  Look forward to that one! Coming soon.

Adios for now!

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