happy october!

I LOVE october!! 
it has always been one of my very favorite months.
and three years ago, it became even more special--we were married in october!

there's always been something magical about october.
I love fall with everything in me.
the changing leaves, boots and sweaters, crisp weather, hot chocolate.
it all makes me giddy!

so when we got engaged in august, it only made sense to have our special day in october!
even though that meant we had exactly EIGHT weeks to plan a wedding!
(okay, let's be real though, I had already started planning a majority of it before he was down on one knee ;))
but really, when it came down to it--we only had two options.
october or december.
(november was out because some family couldn't make it)
and I was pretty adamant about not having a december wedding.
actually, even if I wanted to have one, my mom would have begged me not to.
my oldest sister got married in december, and it was sooo crazy.
the holidays were hardly enjoyed!
plus--I really, really dreaded the thought of having my anniversary compete with ward christmas parties, work christmas parties, future children's school christmas assemblies, holiday fun, etc.
I mean...if we got married in december, when would we celebrate?!
how would we ever be able to have an anniversary "get-away?"
and my sister was the first to tell me, "DON'T choose december like I did!"
ANYways, after quick deliberation, october was chosen!
and, I got to have my perfect outdoor reception that I had dreamed of since I was little.
is there anyone else that swooooons over outdoor receptions?
they melt my heart.
oh heyyy, a little glimpse of part of our outdoor reception ;)

basically, I just love october.
so this month will be full of fall and love and all things good!

speaking of fall and october--one of my very favorite traditions is in october!
taylor and I always grab subway, drive up the canyon, and have a picnic in the leaves around the first of fall!
it is SUCH a fun tradition, and it gets us in the perfect mood for the new season!

and every year we forget the tripod, so we struggle taking pictures of just the two of us. ha

oh! and a little video of our special tradition coming tomorrow!
see past years here and here.

and tomorrow, tay and I are running off to vegas for the weekend!
taylor has to go for business, and he invited me to come along!
and the best part?
all expenses paid, baby!

and then the next weekend is our anniversary (so many surprises--I am dying!), and the weekend after that we are visiting my family in california!
it's going to be a GOOD month!
OH, and can't forget our traditional halloween bash!
our costumes are coming along--and I couldn't be more excited!
can't wait to share!

we love our little life!
what does your october look like? do you love it as much as me!?


  1. Um cutest a couple I ever did see. Seriously.

    Have you written posts on your wedding?! I need to stalk ;)

  2. I LOVE October too!! It's my birthday month, I'm obsessed with Fall and Halloween is one of the best holidays! I get to meet my new baby niece this weekend too! Enjoy Vegas!! :)

  3. October is simply the best. You sound like you have quite the month ahead of you! Can't wait to see the posts!! :)

  4. 1. i love that you planned a wedding in eight weeks. we planned ours in twelve. best decision ever.
    2. i wanted to get married in october but we couldn't get our church so we ended up with september because
    3. i refused to get married in december (or november) because my birthday and all the holidays... i thought the same things you did... so SEPTEMBER IT WAS!
    4. you guys are the most fun ever. i hope you send a christmas card with ALL OF THESE PICTURES.

  5. What a wonderful tradition, looks like you had a lot of fun!

    I especially love the last photo, it's so sweet. :)


  6. Are those pictures from your picnic? Did you self timer it? I sure hope so.