anniversary celebration: part 1

this last weekend we were able to celebrate our 3 year anniversary!
it was my turn to plan our anniversary, and I decided to pick a "theme" this year:
"tie the knot!"
so all of taylor's surprises and gifts were accompanied with a little note and a "play on words" with our theme.
see here for more about our theme!

On our actual anniversary, we celebrated by going to the temple and out to dinner.
but we always like to drag things out...ha
So we had a whole weekend full of surprises!

On Friday morning, I gave Taylor this note:

we dressed up fancy and took our traditional "anniversary picture."
^oh, and taylor bought me this new fancy dress for our anniversary. I LOVE it!^

then we headed up to Salt Lake City for dinner on The Roof!
we loooove the atmosphere of that place.
I mean just look at the view!

and this was my favorite view...even with his slightly creepy smile. ha

every single time we do something fancy, we are quickly reminded that we do NOT belong. ha
if you haven't been to The Roof, it's a fine dining buffet.
while in line, taylor dropped the tongs, and they clattered to the floor.
he quickly picked them up, but not before rubbing his plate with ranch dressing along the back of my dress (while everyone was still staring because of the tongs...ha!).
flustered, he tried to wipe my dress, and then dropped his fork. ha!
so we got out of line and headed back to our table pretty quickly, while trying really hard not to burst out laughing.
but as soon as we sat down, I tried to "fork" a piece of potato, and it just FLEW off of my plate.
and that's when we broke. 
tears and all. it was just sooo funny.

on a more serious note, I got SO emotional during dinner while talking with my sweet taylor and having the temple as our view.
it was all just so special to me...I could hardly handle how grateful I was!

soooo...we were supposed to spend the night at the Grand America...but our reservation fell through (due to my stupidity).
and I'm still a little sad about that part, so we are just going to skip it over completely and pretend like the whole plan was to go home on Friday night after dinner! 

OH, so one of my gifts for Taylor was new sheets!
lame gift...BUT he has been wanting a new set for awhile.
and when our reservation didn't work out, I thought it would be a perfect gift to come home to (new sheets is close to the feeling of a hotel suite, right? ha)
When we got home, I gave him the gift, and when he opened it, I said, "This is the only thing that makes the hotel not working out bearable for me! Let's put them on right now!"
Taylor looked at me and said, "kells, I've got good news and I've got bad news.  the good news is that they are beautiful sheets and I love them.  The bad news...is that you got them in queen size."
yep, our bed is definitely a california king.
how did I not even check that!? I still don't even know how that happened...haha
anyways, this one moment made the "hotel not working out" totally worth it. because we laughed on that bed for a good 5 minutes--you know, the crying and having trouble breathing kind of laughing. it was the best.

I woke Taylor up Saturday morning to a starbucks hot chocolate.
which came at the perfect time, because taylor woke up not feeling too hot :(
I told him to suck it up---we had a whole day of fun ahead of us!
no...but really. 
we started with an afternoon of shooting (hence the note).
taylor has been dyyyying to go for awhile, and so I got it all set up with the help of taylor's dad.
but, I wasn't too sneaky apparently, because he had this part of the day guessed all along. ha
our dear friends, kate and taylor, accompanied us all satuday, and it was SO fun having them along!
they are just our very favorite!

^how cute are they? we love them.^
taylor is AMAZING with these guns. 
he hits the clay pigeons every SINGLE time!
like...c'mon, stop making the rest of us look bad.
but with his coaching, I hit 3 out of 2938728473 pigeons! wahooo!

I felt pretty accomplished when we finished, because taylor couldn't stop smiling.
he was SO happy we finally got out and did this.
and it is surprisingly fun...even for a california valley girl. ha

By this point, I was absolutely bursting for our evening surprise.
I had been looking forward to it for WEEKS and had the hardest time keeping it a secret!
if you follow me on instagram, you probably already saw what it was--one of the best experiences we've ever had!
posting all about it tomorrow! 
I'm a little sad that I'm leaving this dreamboat of mine to drive down to my good ol' sacramento today!
FALL BREAK! (being a teacher...it's just the best).
I'll be spending a few days with my family before my little sister leaves on her mission in just two weeks! ah!



  1. You guys are so adorbs! Looks like such a lovely anniversary!

  2. THE cutest!!! I love playing little games like this. It keeps the fun alive ;)

  3. YAY! Love it! I want like a whole view of this beautiful dress! You two are the sweetest things ever. Your happiness just makes me so happy! Craig and I have never been to the roof before- but seriously- i feel like i am missing out! Looks like a blast :)

  4. you guys are THEEE cutest ever. can't wait to read your post about sailing!

  5. Stop it. I can't even. You two are literally the cutest thing ever. You are so darn thoughtful girlfriend! Oh, and this should come as no surprise but the shoes you wore to shooting? I own those, too. Caleb got them for me for Christmas last year ;) TWINS AGAIN!

  6. This is so darling. I was laughing so hard at this whole thing. Made my day! The restaurant is so how Aaron and I would be, and the sheet thing was hilarious. Totally something I would do. Regardless of the grand America falling through - that place is incredible- you guys look adorable and your dress is stunning! So so fun. Happy 3 year you two!!

  7. I actually laughed out loud imagining the debacle at the fancy restaurant. So real life and I love it. I'm glad you had a wonderful anniversary weekend! :)

  8. I love dragging out fun occasions!!! I would have died laughing during the dinner debacle - I don't belong in fancy places! This sounds like such a great anniversary celebration! Can't wait to hear the details of saturday night!

  9. hahaha laughed pretty hard, it's not a good anniversary unless a story like that happens! happy three years you two, you rock

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  11. Oh my, you guys are the cutest. Happy anniversary!