life changing tips

I've had a lot of people ask me recently about how taylor and I use essential oils in our home.
I didn't even know what essential oils were until I started dating taylor!
and I'll admit, I was a 100% skeptic.
I thought it was "voodoo magic" and laughed at the people that used them.
but after taylor convinced me to try some, I slowly started to admit that they worked!

aaaand now, I am totally an oil junky.
here are my top eight "must-have-life-changing-oils"

#1. deep blue rub.
for all you athletes and gym-goers out there.
or even for those who just wake up with a sore neck ;)
this is kind of like an "icy-hot" but I promise it's 10x better.
I think almost every night, taylor or I are asking the other one for a deep-blue back massage.
it will change your life.
and for sore muscles?
it's a lifesaver.
especially with my shin-splints.

#2. serenity & balance oils
this helps with my anxiety like you wouldn't believe!
I put both oils on my feet night and morning.
I was able to wane myself off of anxiety medication, and hardly ever have panic attacks anymore.
(I was having them once a week before!)
when I feel an anxiety attack coming, I put both oils on my hands and breathe them in.
or I diffuse serenity.
two words: life changing.
I swear by this.

#3. lavender or cedarwood oil
there are some nights when I have THE worst insomnia.
I use lavender on my feet every night, and when I need a little something stronger, I use cedarwood.

ohhhh my gosh.
this should maybe be my number one.
oh, I just don't know.
I love them all!
I used to be an excedrin ADDICT.
now, when I feel a headache coming on, I roll the past-tense behind my ears (and on my temples if it's really persistent).
it is a DREAM.
I have a friend who has horrible migraines and recently started using the past tense and loves it!

#5 digestzen oil
I kinda refuse to admit that I am lactose intolerant...
I love dairy soooo much.
but then, 30 mins after eating it, I'm downing gas-x, lactose pills, and pepto bismol.
 I started using digestzen about 5 months ago--it's a game changer.
two drops on my stomach, and it is almost instant relief.
I ran out about a month ago, and I literally cried (no, for real) that my bottle was empty.

#6. lemon oil
I drink lemon in my water every day.
it's tasty, and it's good for cleansing, digesting, and your skin.
plus, we clean our home with lemon!
and it's the best oil to have on hand for "sticky" stuff.
like when you peel off a sticker and it leaves that gross stuff behind?

#7. lifelong vitality vitamins
THE BEST vitamins you will ever ever ever ever ever find.
I turn around and go home if I forget to take them.
I am 10x more alert, happier, and healthier when I take them!

#8. on-guard oil
the perfect anti-bacterial oil.
I diffuse this in our home 30 mins a day.
and also in my classroom.
when you feel that cold coming on? take a drop of on-guard oil and it can almost always knock it out.
it's also known as the "flu-bomb"
annnnd another great cleaning oil!

okay...I've got to stop, or I could go on forever!
if you want to know more, or how to order, comment below and I'll help you get them the cheapest way!
it is honestly so empowering to feel in charge of my health!
I've had so many questions lately, that I finally decided to open up about how we use them in our home!
(yeah, that's the little case of oils I carry with me everywhere! ha)

ALSO, if you are in the utah county area--a bunch of us girls are getting together next week so I can teach how to make cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer with oils!
you'll get to make them and take them home!
let me know if you want to come!


  1. ahh i love essential oils, & reading this post was great, i'm always interested in what other people use & like! i love the serenity oil & balance oil too, they are definitely my most used.

  2. OK...I keep trying to comment but...my computer isn't letting me. so if all of a sudden a bunch of comments appear....I'm so sorry. So where is a good place to get the serenity and balance oils? I get panic attacks a lot too and would love a natural way to help those. Also, I am in the utah county area and would love to come find out how to make stuff with oils :)

    1. email me so I can give you details!! i'd love for you to come! it will be SO fun! kkdavis09@gmail.com

  3. I will be in town next week and I'd love more details about the get together! :)

    1. oh yay! you should come! i'd love to meet you!! it's on thursday in lindon! I can't find your email anywhere though to give you the details! so email me and I'll give you the address and such! ;) kkdavis09@gmail.com


  4. okay yes yes yes tell me how to order!!

  5. I need to check out those vitamins! Good recommendations!

    1. let me know if you want to order some! i'll help you get it for the cheapest way ;) xoxo, love you lisa girl!

  6. Love this post, thank you for the tips! I suffer from headaches and insomnia and would love to try oils as a cure. Please email me your recommendations for where to order from (alltheprettyfrenchies at gmail.com). :)