october 8, 2014

our anniversary was so special!
we decided to take turns planning our anniversaries, and this year was my turn!
I decided to do a "tie the knot" theme for our anniversary!
(hence the rope in the picture above haha)
alsoooo please notice my wanna-be-little-heart-shaped-french-toast
even with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, it didn't turn out so good. haha
(they are the two little small ones on the plate)

Taylor normally goes to the gym at 5:30 every morning--so I thought it would be fun to have a warm breakfast waiting for him when he returned.
I planned all of the decorations and details out!
buuuut, of course, he sprained his knee the day before our anniversary and so he didn't go to the gym.
so, I had to very sneakily wake up and try to be as quiet as I could while I set up and made french toast.
I kinda wish someone was recording me, because I was doing such ridiculous things to try to be quiet. haha--it was quite the spectacle.

 (heart shaped confetti!)

so each of my surprises and gifts to taylor come with a little note that go along with our "theme."
for example: the note that was sitting on his plate

^^I laid out 12 "open when..." envelopes.
there is one envelope a month for the next year for him to open...as he chooses!
(example: open when...you had a bad day; open when...you need a laugh; open when...you feel nostalgic, etc., and the last one is: open when...it's our 4 year anniversary!)
...and a little note on top of them all said, "here are love notes to keep you "tied" over for the next year."
get it? hahah
 while we ate breakfast, we watched our wedding video--such a fun thing to watch every year!

okay, and I must include this picture.
I think I totally won with this gift.
even though it was partially a selfish gift.
so, fellow office lovers, here is your next gift idea:
(disclaimer: you don't have to do the wannabe-dwight-poses when you get the shirts)
I definitely wore that shirt to work yesterday, and the students who commented on it won a small piece of my heart.
we are office ADDICTS. hahah

As soon as school got out, Taylor and I rushed to the temple to beat the crowds.
by far our favorite thing to do on our anniversary.
Our anniversary has so far always been a weekday (duh, we were married on a weekend...so yeah), so we go to the temple on our anniversary and then celebrate during the weekend.
just look how pretty this place is!
the last couple of days, we were trying to decide where we wanted to go to eat on our anniversary.
we threw around lots of fancy and expensive restaurants, and couldn't really decide on anything.
yesterday, I said, "Tay, I kinda just feel like Cafe Rio."
he lit up and said, "I made such a great decision three years ago!"
so cafe rio it was!

we spent the rest of the evening spending sweet time together.
it was SUCH a fun day.
and taylor spoils me too much.

aaaand, I am BURSTING to give him the rest of my little "tie the knot" notes with our big surprises this weekend! (finale: saturday night. I cannot waaaait)
last night, we had a little bit of the "christmas night blues"---but then got giddy again when we remembered we still had a whole weekend of celebration ahead of us!

feeling pretty lucky every day to have this guy!


  1. I love your french toast hearts! So thoughtful. In fact, I love your whole "tie the knot" theme. So very cute and I can't wait to see what you have planned for this weekend!

  2. You are so thoughtful Kelli! Looks like a very memorable anniversary!

  3. You are officially the cutest!! I love the early morning breakfast surprise!! I've totally been there!!! Love that you go to temple on your anniversary too - what a special tradition! Good reminder too!! ;)

  4. I love the theme!! That's super creative!! Last anniversary my boyfriend and I went back and forth on where to eat, we got so hungry we just decided to order pizza haha! It was still great :)

  5. These are adorable ideas!! Happy 3 Years.

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog from my sister-in-law's blog and you two are the cutest! Happy anniversary! I love the fun theme you carried out- celebrating anniversaries is so must fun! :)