anniversary celebration: part 2!

after our first anniversary surprise, I drove a very confused taylor to utah lake and handed him this note:
we were going SAILING!
...a sunset sail, no less!
I had SUCH a hard time keeping this a secret.
I was sooo excited. and taylor joined me in that excitement after reading the note!

we went with two of our greatest friends--and had the cutest captain ever!
and this was seriously one of THE most beautiful things we have EVER EVER done.
we could not stop talking about how beautiful it was.
...and we may already have plans to take sailing classes next summer. HA

i'm definitely going to give you a picture overload, because I just can't cut any of these out.
just loooook how beautiful!

we had just about the best time together.
seriously--go surprise your special someone and plan a sunset sail!
I can't even do it justice with words.

the world was magical from this point of view.
and the water was absolutely quiet and still.
a glass reflection.
just us five and the world.
aaaand I'm pretty grateful I've got this guy by my side for my eternity.
haaaapy 3 year anniversary, babe!
I love you with everything I have!

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P.S. sailing video coming TOMORROW!


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  2. This looks so beautiful! Honestly- I want to do this whole "Knot" this for our anni in 2 years when I am in charge of it!! So cute Kel :)

    1. you totally should! it was so easy and fun!

  3. The sky looks painted in all of your pictures!! What a fun anniversary weekend!! :) Way to go!!

  4. So gorgeous. This was such a perfect anniversary idea on your part. Chocolate-covered strawberries, too? Amazing.

  5. Wow, the sunset looks breath-taking! What a fun activity, did you get to learn some of the ropes of sailing? Or did you just get to relax and enjoy the experience?


  6. im still crying that we had plans that night & couldn't come.

  7. So. So. So. Beautiful. (Both you and Tay and the view!!!) I had no idea Utah was so beautiful!!! WOW!!!!