sailing video.

a little film of our sailing trip.
see pictures here!

ALSO, I must pay a tribute to my dearest friend, kelsey briggs, who is coming home from her mission TODAY!
she's one of those friends that just makes everything happy.
taylor and I adore her--and she was such a big part of our dating/early married life.
we cannot waaaaaait to see her!
we even all plotted for months to make her a gilbert sister-in-law. HA
....but that didn't work out
(which we are both still kinda sad about BUT she has a great guy waiting for her to get home and they might have just the cutest love story around. so win-win. but lose for us. hahah)
she is just about the most beautiful, happy, and endearing person we know.

We love you, kels!!
...and you will always be an honorary gilbert.
See you SOON!


  1. Your new blog design is SO DREAMY! At least I hope it's new? Am I late on noticing? Anyways.. you are just so adorable. I wish you were MY high school teacher. I'm sure all of your students just adore you.

  2. What a great video and it really was just gorgeous!

  3. Wow!! So crazy. I just stumbled upon your blog. Kelsey Briggs is related to one of my cousins and best friends, Casey King --- now, Casey Briggs. She married Kelsey's older brother Bryan! Such a small world.

    1. how crazy is that!? what a small world! i love kelsey!!