Happy Halloween!!

one of my favorite holidays of the year!
walking the school hall today, I thought, "man, I wish every day was Halloween--how fun is this!?"
we are getting sooo excited for our halloween party tonight!
we always throw a big bash--and it's one of my favorite parties of the year!
...except this time, we went a little crazy with the invites: since we are having the party on ACTUAL halloween this year, we thought a lot of people wouldn't be able to come.  so we invited double the amount we normally do, and lo and behold--everyone said they could come.
so with a guest list that is definitely more than the capacity of our home, we had to rega-rega-remix our regular party ideas and reaccomodate.
but I think it will all work out in the end!

the other day, I said, "tay, you need to come look at the trash can--it's disturbing."
he said, "uhhh, I don't think I really want to, kells."
me: "no, really, come look."
and when I finally convinced him, he saw that the whole trash can was filled with candy wrappers. HA
that's when you know you shouldn't buy your halloween candy any earlier than you have to.
and that's also when you know it's time to resort to this:
using packing tape to tape the entire bag so we have at least SOMETHING for our little trick-or-treaters. HA

and, a little tribute to our past halloween costumes:

lots of pictures of our costumes and halloween bash to come!
follow me on insta to see what our costumes are tonight!


  1. The lion and lion tamer costume?! Amazing. Happy Halloween!

  2. Oh my goodness I love your costumes! You guys are the cutest!!

  3. You guys have the best Halloween costumes! I seriously wish I was that creative, every year I'm just like...a witch, haha. Anyway Happy Halloween!