las vegas in pictures

last weekend, taylor and I went down to vegas!
Taylor had a bunch of work meetings, and he invited me to tag along.
pretty easy answer...haha

we honestly didn't do much at all.
and it was awesome.
I accompanied taylor to two of his business meetings on friday, and it was so fun to see him in action!
after the meetings, we decided to go relax in the hotel for a bit before heading out.
but before we knew it..."american pickers" on history channel had us hooked.
we are suuuuch nerds. hahaha
we watched maybe 5 or 6 hour episodes in a row? 
before we realized we were hungry.

so we ran to get food so we could make it back for more episodes. 
it was the funniest thing.
we went to tommy's for dinner--a burger joint in california and nevada.
and when we pulled up, taylor said, "man, this place makes me nervous."
when I asked him why, he said, "because, the last time we were here, it was when we were driving back from california, and I realized I wanted to marry you. and that was exciting but also terribly nerve wracking."
you learn something new every day! cute boy, cute boy.

then, on saturday morning, we decided to change the channel, because we got WAY too hooked the night before.
buuut uh.
we changed it to HGTV. probably our favorite tv station ever (oh, yeah, we don't have cable, so this is kinda like a treat for us ha--taylor secretly hates me because I think cable is the biggest waste of money. I grew up in a no-tv-household--sooo yeah, judge me now.)
and so then we got hooked on HGTV, and had the best time watching, laughing, and talking in that hotel room.

we finally decided to get moving, so we browsed some outlets, went to lunch, and then came back for...more HGTV.
this is so embarrassing...haha
BUT at about 8pm, we decided to hit up more outlets, and then head down to the strip.
sooo, taylor's dad told us we could park in any hotel parking garage for free, but cute little Siri directed us RIGHT TO THE STRIP.
and so here I am driving on the strip and totally panicking, because it is so distracting and people drive crazy and there are walkers everywhere and geesh. it was the worst.
and then we both got stressed and kinda freaked out at each other (sorry, babe), but as soon as we were able to turn off of the strip, we both gave the biggest sigh and started laughing so hard.
and then taylor said, "uh, so...do you feel like we got the "strip" experience this trip?"
me: "let's count that and go watch some HGTV."
"I've never loved you more, kells."
sooo, we didn't quite experience the strip like in trips past, but that stressful drive was priceless.

and while the rest of the 20-something-year-olds in vegas were gambling on the strip, we gambled over whether we would hit the bed or the ground after jumping on the bed a million times.
best game ever.

^true fear on my face in this one. I went SO high and was headed straight towards the ground^

also, I learned that if I want to leave someplace (and taylor doesn't), if I just start dancing in public, taylor will get up faster than lightening.
...because I am the worst dancer ever. haha
(and I make sure I'm extra bad in public)

also #2, taylor was making a u-turn while driving and totally ran over the median.
we both gasped and sat there silently (busy intersection--pretty embarrassing) and then couldn't stop laughing.
running joke of the whole trip.

every weekend with this boy is golden.
aaand THIS WEEKEND will make the books, I have been waiting forever to spill all of the secret plans I have for taylor this weekend!
and high five me for being such a good secret keeper and not telling taylor! it has been the hardest feat ever!

(follow me on instagram to see our surprises this weekend--saturday night will kill it!)


  1. I'm dying to see your surprises!!!!!!

  2. I can't imagine having no TV! That's a sad thing to say, but true. Love these pictures.

  3. HA! This is the exact story of what Craig and I would do :) Too cute Kell!!

  4. You guys are SO fun. How did you take the pictures though?! LOL... love this!! Can't wait to see your surprises... totally following on IG!!