3 years.

I really can't believe that it was three years ago today (at this very hour!) that we walked out of the temple together as HUSBAND AND WIFE!
seriously the best feeling ever.
I had dreamed for years of walking out of those exact temple doors.
the temple that was just around the corner from my home, that we watched being built, that we got to place our own stones (with our names!) in the foundation.
the sacramento temple will always own a piece of my heart.
and so will that guy up there ;)

a perfect day.

so, a little tribute to my husband:
I still think you're hot.
I still love your smile.
I still laugh at the cute things you say.

I still need your hugs.
I still crave your kisses.
I still love when you touch me.
 I'm still glad you call simply to say "hi."
...or just because you're thinking of me.

I still love the way I start out the day with you as the first one I see.
I still have fun when we just hang out at home.
I still love your funny accents.
I still love your silly ways.
I still love your smell.

And, I'm still falling in love with you, more and more every day.
to the man who gave me his forever: taylor--you are my world.
i'm in love with our forever.

our anniversary started perfect this morning--can't wait to share everything tomorrow.
and we've got a full weekend of surprises!
i'm bursting!

happy three years, my love!
(follow me on instagram to see the surprises as they unfold this weekend!)
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  1. You two are so precious! Such a gorgeous bride! Happy 3 years!

  2. Happy anniversary! Have so much fun celebrating!! :)

  3. oh my gosh kelli i am SO IN LOVE with this post. you are absolutely darling & i love the way that you value your love and your marriage. i am dying for your instagrams of this weekend, so post a million. ok cool. ALSO, i don't want to give any surprises away....but let's just say i wish SO BAD i was celebrating with you guys saturday night. it's killing me. happy anniversary!!

  4. also...the first time i went to the sacramento temple was my freshman year of college (road trip!) anyway i fell head over heels in love with that tiny temple and those quaint little grounds. LOVE that you were married there!

  5. Happy Anniversary! You guys are the cutest!

  6. Happy three years!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the post!

  7. Happy Anni!!!! You guys are so cute. I'm coming up on my 2 year anniversary and I seriously can't believe it... time flies!

  8. Happy 3 years!!!! What a wonderful anniversary post!!! :) Have the BEST weekend!!

  9. Happy anniversary! This was the cutest post. It's so great to see people who value and cherish their marriages :) you're a great example!

  10. Happy anniversary sweet couple!!!!

  11. Happy anniversary! You two are so wonderful together, thank you for sharing such sweet photos!


  12. happy three years! that's the best temple to get married in as well, if I do say so myself ;)