a kind of perfect labor day

yesterday was kinda perfect, in it's own relaxing way.
taylor and I pulled out our chess set (there was a time in our marriage when we were playing multiple games a day--every day.  we are a liiiitle competitive.)
we sat outside with our lemonade and the perfect weather, and played a few rounds.
it's 2-1.
in taylor's favor. ha

the other day, I found a bunch of barnes and noble gift cards that have accumulated over the years.
so yesterday, we decided to take a trip down and get some "free" books.
taylor and I are both nerds when it comes to that store.
it is always one of our favorite date destinations.
and we walked away with some pretty good books that I'm quite excited about!

aaand, we ended the night with our very favorite friends watching bachelor in paradise.
ohhhh that show has us wrapped around its little dramatic finger.

and guess what it is?
no spendtember!
we devote september to rebalancing ourselves and forcing ourselves to take a hard look at what we are spending our money on.
(see here for last years!)
other than the regular bills, groceries, etc., not a single extra dollar is spent in september.
and we are hard core about it.
it's actually kind of fun--and REALLY eye opening!
try it with us! it's not too late to start!
plus it has a catchy name ;)
it's also a chance for us to be super creative on our dates--like going to barnes and noble and spending giftcards--no money!
orrrr chess on the back patio!

and also--I've mentioned before how I struggle with anxiety and stress.
I have finally FINALLY found a solution that takes me off of all medication.
one word: oils.
dear skeptics: I was on your side, not long ago.
until they changed my life!
if you want to know what I do for my anxiety/stress, leave a comment and I'll email you details.
it will change your life!

aaand happy tuesday!
and september!
and no spendtember!


  1. I would join you in no spendtember... but my birthday is this month. So it's definitely a SPENDtember for me ;)

  2. Eek I need to hop on the no spendtember train! With some expenses coming up, it would be nice to have some extra change in my pocket. My boyfriend loves cheese and plays online a lot haha. He's happy when his friends will play with him.

  3. I would love to hear what you do for anxiety/stress! Emily.hegner@yahoo.com :)

  4. This no spendtember thing is brilliant! Props to you. Sounds like something we'd normally like to jump on board with, but next week I'm already scheduled to spend money on a jungle river tubing adventure, three yoga seshes on the beach, and monkey-feeding in the wild. I'm thinking I don't have enough will-power to cancel. But in 2 years you can bet I'll be right there with you during no spendtember!

    Oh, and my husband gets anxiety a lot, which is roughhhhh since med school can bring out anxiety attacks in anyone. I'd love to hear your anxiety story! laurahlambert@gmail.com


  5. Oh oh I would actually love to hear about the oils! thank you! madidoddwhite@gmail.com

  6. sara.e.miller@gmail.com :) fill me in girlie!!

  7. no spendtember - what an incredible idea! seriously a lightbulb went off in my head, we need to try that! (except we have 2 birthdays and an anniversary this month...september isn't working for us haha.) also, let's get together soon please!

  8. Kelly I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! No spendtember's a great idea :D And please tell me more about the stress-relief solution!! :D

  9. I would love to hear about the oil thing!! sarahclarissa4@gmail.com