no spendtember

We've decided to turn the month of september into the month of no spendtember.
aka We are making a game of trying to spend as little money as we can this month.
It's actually quite fun!

When Taylor started his own business over the summer, he really started to hit it big.
And our little hearts and eyes yearned for everything we wanted.
With the money flowing in, we didn't think twice about what we were buying.
We weren't completely foolish, but we definitely weren't being good little savers.
So we decided to step up in September.

At the half-way point, I'm happy to announce that we are doing SO good.
We haven't gone out to eat once!
I actually am really loving this part, because it forces me to cook every night.
Before, if I was too tired or lazy, I would just suggest that we go out to eat.
Now that I don't have that option, I have to find something yummy to make every night.

We haven't bought ANYTHING extra besides our normal bills (rent, phone bill, groceries, etc.)
OH and I only spent $76 on groceries for 3 weeks.
That's what's up.

On the third day of no spendtember, we actually ended up eating out, a new skirt from j-crew for me, and new basketball shoes for Tay. 
But the best part?
That was all from Mom and Dad Gilbert. :)
So we didn't have to spend a dime.
We get pretty spoiled by them.

We treasured our gifts in "no spentember" because we knew it would be the only ones we would get!

We are already thinking of what we can turn October into.
Any ideas?

This weekend, we are in Washington for a Gilbert reunion.
Today, we are off to the town rodeo.
I'm pretty excited.
Happy Saturday!

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