one day i'll wake up early

taylor is so good--he wakes up every morning at 5:30 to go to the gym with his dad, and then he runs home.
and by the time he gets home, I'm still sleeping.
He comes in and offers me an omelet every morning, and that's when I finally decide I better get up.

Every night, I tell Taylor, "Hey, tomorrow morning I'm going to wake up with you at 5:30 and go to the gym with you!"
And every morning, when the alarm goes off and he asks if I am coming, I say, "Maybe tomorrow."
We've had this same series of conversation every day for the last four weeks.
this morning, when I muttered my, "Maybe tomorrow," taylor said, "You know, 5:30 isn't for everyone, kells. Maybe you should just accept that." hahaha
I think he may be right! how the heck do people get up that early!?
And so, instead I run in the afternoon--and the whole time I am running, I think, "man, I wish I had just done this in the morning!"

but I'm pretty grateful for the late nights that taylorrray runs with me, because he doesn't like me running at dark by myself.

and then I take awesome priceless pictures in preparation.

and I love how taylor and I are sometimes on the same brain-wave.
Funny how marriage does that to you.
last night, Taylor ran to the grocery store.
I wanted to do something nice for him, and so I prepared a little treat for him.
When he got home, he said, "Kells, forgive me. I broke no spendtember. But it was necessary."
And from behind his back, he pulled out beautiful flowers.
and then we laughed over the fact that we both had an "urge" to do something nice for the other person.
so he enjoyed his treats while I smelled my beautiful flowers.

I'm kinda dreading today--I've got a million appointments after work--doctors, DMV, BYU, visiting teaching. 
But hallelujah for hump day.

Oh, today in ASL, a student was trying to sign "voice" and instead signed "f*** you" to me.
It was the greatest moment. hahahah


  1. Hahaha my husband and I usually have similar conversations, he's gently nudging me and I'm waving him away to let me sleep. I actually went this morning at 6 with him and I'm not as tired as I thought I would be! Good luck with all your appointments!

  2. CANNOT STOP GIGGLING. Love that Taytay runs with you. He's a good man for that. 5:30 is NOT FOR ME. Ever

  3. "Maybe tomorrow" is the story of my morning workout life, ha!

  4. You sound just like Caleb and I. Except he gets up at 5AM to leave for work...so we typically work out after work together, which I'm always saying "wish I could learn to get up early" (like I used too!!). You two are the sweetest :)

    Wish we lived closer!!!

  5. bahahah this is great and you are so lucky that your husband makes you an omelet every morning! for real?! every spring my bf and I tell eachother we'll be "buff" by summer...guess who isn't buff...yup neither of us.

  6. YOur guns shot me in the face. You are one hot lady.