random tangents plus a cello.

on friday night, taylor and I chaperoned orem's homecoming.
taylor was kind of dreading it, but by nights end, he admitted how much fun he actually had!
I think our highlights were:
+ laughing at high school awkwardness
+ one girl who wouldn't stop touching her boobs to "fix her bra" in front of the boys.
but when the boys weren't around? her bra was magically fixed. ha
+ pranking the other chaperone couple by having two of my students make-out on a bench in the "restricted section." the other couple had to awkwardly approach them and ask them to leave. it was soooo funny. high five to my students.
(disclaimer: the two students were "dating" so they were more than excited to take part in the prank. haha)
+going to in n out afterwards with the cutest date there!

I told taylor afterwards, "now, I can confuse people and say, 'I didn't know my husband during high school, but we went to high school homecoming together."
and he looked at me and said, "you're weird, kells."
I don't know why that was so funny--but I still laugh thinking about the look he gave me. haha

the other day, I realized that taylor never calls me "kelli."
he calls me "kells" or "kel" or "davis" or "pet names"
but never kelli.
I didn't even realize until the other day, when he said, "hey, kelli?"
and it was sooo weird hearing him call me by my full name.
and then I said, "I don't think I've ever realized that you never call me kelli."
and then with a wink he said, "sure I do, kells."
hahah...I kind of want to keep a tally now.
i know this whole little snippet is strange.
but...i'm just baffled: how have I never noticed this? 

I promise this is the last time I will blog about my broken toe!
but it's finally starting to look a little better!
it's the nice black one in the middle there.
I am iiiiitching to run, but I tried a few days ago, and that was a major mistake.
and now taylor won't let me.
I think he's sick of hearing "careful of my toe!" every time we cuddle in bed. hahah
last night though, I decided to do the jillian michaels 30 day shred (I did the whole 30 days a few months ago, and I definitely recommend it!)
it gave me a little bit of cardio without putting pressure on my poor little toe.
so that helped the running itch a little.
but man, I'm going to be so super happy when that toe doesn't hurt anymore!

and, one day, I hope to be as witty as taylor.
last week in stake conference, taylor handed me his phone that said, "we should have reserved the back row of the theater."
I meant to type back, "why?"
but accidentally typed "ehy?"
too lazy to fix it, I just handed it back to him.
and of course...this ensued:
 I don't think I was very reverent in church after seeing that. haha

and how cool is he!?
he's been wanting to learn the cello for awhile, and he up and made it happen!
he's a 25 year old taking cello lessons! 
don't you love the little "finger placement" stickers on the cello?
 it makes me giddy hearing him play.
even if it's "twinkle twinkle" five million times in a row.
he's such a go getter--and helps me remember that dreams are for those that don't make things happen on their own.

and if you're wondering, I'm still taking piano lessons!
one day, taylor and I will form a little band. ha
but really.
if this guy has taught me anything, it's that you just have to make things happen--because you only live once!
so one day, I will be able to proudly say, "oh yeah, I play the piano!"
but right now...I'm still in little kid music. haha

last week was a little bit rough--it was soooo busy.
so I'm pretty excited for the monotony that this week will bring.
and for the fall weather creeping in!
aaaand that means my favorite holiday is just around the corner!
i have been planning our costumes for months!
and you better believe we will be throwing our traditional halloween bash! 
I can't wait!


  1. your blog ate my comment. GRRRR.

    so here we go again: why little girl with the bra "issues"? WHYYYYY? you and taylor are the worst (best) chaperones with your make-out kiddos... making all kinds of awkwardness for the other chaperones. i'm pretty sure the only person who could handle that with any kind of gracefulness.

    i cannot with ehi... that taylor is too much.

    i can, however, with the cello stickers. you and taylor should start practicing a harmony of twinkle twinkle (i say that like its easy... because i've never studied music before.)

  2. Kelli. You crack me up :) I wish I was as good as you are about remembering those little things! Your posts crack me up, so please keep writing :) haha!!

  3. Love this whole entire post. My boyfriend never calls me Brittany, so when he does, it totally freaks me out. I instantly think something is wrong. I almost don't like the way it sounds when he says it! Also, you guys rock with your music lessons! I love that you're pursuing something you wanted to do. I took piano lessons for four years when I was younger and I still think the biggest regret I have is quitting. Maybe I should start lessons again.

  4. I want to learn how to play the piano too! someday...

  5. Your homecoming adventures sound hilarious, also your toe looks like it really hurts - ouch!!

  6. Your posts always make me laugh! I enjoy your little stories and random tangents!! I think my boyfriend only calls me Becky? I'll have to pay more attention to see if he calls me anything else haha. I call him Peter but to some people he goes by Pete which just sounds sooo strange to me. Names are a funny thing!

  7. You are just the cutest. I'm 100% convinced. bee-tee-dubs; book that flight to Cincy like yesterday, girlfriend ;)

    PS- you're the coolest teacher ever.

  8. Omg, this whole post. I'm smiling and laughing ridiculously. :)

    P.S. Good for both of you for learning instruments! I admire that. I was a classically trained pianist since kindergarten but for the past 4 or so years I have barely touched the piano. Life has gotten in the way but now I'm too shy or something to play even in front of myself. It used to be such a part of me but I just don't know how to get interested in it again. I kind of want to take piano lessons too just so I can gain some confidence back. If you get the opportunity to participate in piano recitals later on, you should totally do it! :)