some entertaining texts

taylor reallyyyyy sucks at texting.  
He never texts anyone back.
BUT he IS good at sending me funny pictures every day.
and his excuse for when I complain about him not answering my texts is always, "kells, a picture is worth a thousand words.  So I technically sent you SOOO many texts today!"
case in point:
ohhh the office.
we love it so.

but when he does text, he's pretty funny.
enjoy a few of these conversations:

^this one kills me. hahaha

oh, and this gem below was when taylor deposited a check and swore it never showed up in our bank account. so I went in and sat with a banker on two separate occasions to figure it out.
it was one big mystery!
and then, while sitting with the banker, I had the thought to have taylor check his business account.
and taaa-daa! he found the deposited check. hahah

so yeah.
he's pretty entertaining.
and I'm glad he's around to make my life happy.

ohhh and guess what!

...according to all of my students!
yesterday and today, I had students and even whole classes asking me, "Mrs. Gilbert, is it true!?"
"Is what true...?"
"Are you pregnant? Everyone is saying you're pregnant!!"
I kept asking why people thought that and didn't figure out the source until yesterday afternoon.
A few days ago, I told a class that I had a "doctor's appointment" this week--and OF COURSE, that means that I MUST be pregnant! 
Because the only reason a female would EVER go to the doctor is for pregnancy, of course!  hahaha
I'm so impressed how that rumor spread so quickly.
but alas, I am not pregnant!
oh little students--I love you and your cute ideas dearly!


  1. Those texts are too funny!! And surely you only go to the doctor when you're pregnant, lol - love it!!

  2. Bahah I about DIED when you said you were 'pregnant'...!!!!! That's hilarious though, silly students. I love you relationship with your husband, so cute!!!!

  3. Haha you totally got me--that's too funny about your students! Fun texts, too :)

  4. Haha love those texts- the "alreadu" one is hilarious!

    And that's so funny that your students spread that rumor so fast- it reminds me of when I was in middle school and we thought our teacher was pregnant so word got around fast (but we didn't want our teacher to know that we knew) and in the middle of class, she randomly got up and ran out of the room super fast acting like she was going to throw up- we all stood there in shock and like 2 minutes later she comes back smirking and told us that we better watch out what rumors we spread. It was so random and funny- I'll never forget it.