hi, my name is kelli, and i've been MIA

oh, hi there!
sorry for being so MIA--things have been crazy!
such is life, right?

a quick update on what's been happening lately!

+the first week of school is over and we are into our second week!
i don't know what it is about the first week--but it is absolutely and utterly exhausting.
i'm not sure if it's because of the lack of sleep (compared to sleeping in every day in the summer), or being on my feet all day, or using my voice all day, or having a million things run through my head all day---or maybe a combination of everything.
but MAN it's so exhausting.
I literally came home every day and crashed on the couch.
and then was super grumpy when taylor came home and woke me up! haha
but I did make this flag at back to school night last week, and I'm pretty proud:

OH, and a blog reader asked me a couple of weeks ago how I manage to work out every day--and I will tell you this:
last week I worked out TWICE. TWICE!
I am a 6-day-a-weeker, pretty religiously.
but then there are weeks when life happens.
like the first week of school.
and I just could not find the motivation.
and the two times I ran were only because taylor dragged my butt off of the couch and forced me to go running with him. ha

SO, when that happens, don't beat yourself up.
there's always a new day and a new week!
and yesterday, when I told myself "no more first-week-of-school-excuse-crap," I went on my regular route and it felt GOOD. so horrible. but good.
and when I finished, I told myself, "good job, kel!"
and I can't express how dang proud you should be of yourself for working out!
so verbally praise yourself! and do it proudly!
so, yes. i'm back to the grind.
(see my running tips, here)

and it is so ironic how over the summer when I had NOTHING to do, I was soooo lazy.
and now that I'm back to work, I'm suddenly so productive with every minute of my day.
like last night, taylor and I deep cleaned and threw out SO much stuff.
and I'm currently halfway through cleaning/vacuuming out all of the kitchen cabinets and drawers.
and I just think to myself, "why didn't I do this during the summer?"
but eating cookies all day and watching netflix and reading and sitting by a pool---ahhh, no regrets.
none at allllll.

OH and we love our friends.
and how happy they make us.

taylor planned the coolest date night on friday.
we rode the trax down to salt lake with some of our friends.
went to dinner, and then went to the leonardo museum (animal bodies!).
^the only picture I took that night. ha^
and of course, the day we choose to take public transit, it poured all night.
so we walked all over SLC in the rain.
but thank goodness for friends who have brains and umbrellas. ha!
but seriously...such a fun time!

and as much as we love summer, we are pretty excited that it's getting cooler.
the summer thunderstorms are just about the coolest thing here.
I think we've been out on the grass almost every night watching the lightening (my all time favorite thing).

see taylor jumping into the pool!? ha!

oh, and I must share our conversation last night,
me: "i think that was a sign that you're supposed to birth all of our babies instead of me."
taylor: "if science figures out a way for men to birth babies instead of women....I would still say 'hell no.'" hahahaha i died.
taylor, I love you!
even though your refuse to birth our babies! 


  1. I LOVE IT. Taylor, you are a funny, funny man.
    The first week of school is exhausting. We're in it right now.
    We're not even allowed to be on campus yet...
    but I'm tired. I might have come home, laid on the couch and tried to hide.
    So, I feel you, sister.

  2. Hi you guys are cool. I miss you lots.

  3. hahahah i wish i could 'hell no' to birthing children too, but ohhhh well ;)