a weekend + a broken toe

remember how it's no spendtember?
it's about this time in the month that taylor and I want to break and go out to eat.
(because we have to cook 7 nights a week!--that's new for us. ha!)
...and actually, I don't really even like going out to eat.  
I could be happy doing it every other month.
but taylor lives for it.
anyways, we save up all of our giftcards for september.
(in fact, we are still trying to make our way through a pile of wedding giftcards...3 years later. ha)
so, #1 tip to make no spendtember manageable: giftcards!
we went to cafe rio on friday and to the movies on saturday night--all for free!
we saw "If I Stay"...has anyone seen it?
it was horribly boring. 
taylor was not excited to see the movie--and I kept telling him, "ah, c'mon, I bet it will be really good!"
thank goodness there were lots of cello scenes in the movie to keep taylor entertained (did I mention that taylor started cello lessons? haha! it's awesome!)

anyways, on saturday we went to the BYU track meet to cheer on our almost-sister-in-law in her race!
 and here is our one selfie attempt. ha
our kids better get his dimples, or I'll cry.

so yesterday, I dropped a cookie sheet on my toe.
it came down vertically and just smashed my middle toe.
I knew right away it was broken...broken real good.
taylor started laughing, but I shut that down real quick. 
gave him the "how can you be laughing right now" stare. haha
and then like 30 seconds later, I started throwing up because it hurt so bad.
so that was awesome.
and now I limp a little, and I'm really mad, because can you run on a broken toe?
it looks sooo gross and big and purple.
and it's the first time EVER that I've wished that I had a job that I could sit at a desk all day.
my toe is already throbbing and it's not even lunch!

buuut, my night was made a little bit better when our cutest new brazilian neighbors brought us cheesy rolls!
like the ones from tucanos? (the only reason I go to tucanos are for those cheesy rolls!)
and these ones were 10x better--it was amazing.
they brought us two full plates, and within five minutes, the first plate was gone.
it was embarrassing.
I told taylor, "good thing, I'm gonna run this off this week."
and he said, "are you? what about your broken toe?"
and then I remembered, pouted, and ate five more to make myself feel better. 
basically that was the highlight of the weekend.
i looove our brazilian friends!

p.s. Meet the Mormons, a feature film, is coming to your local theaters (cinemark, regal, etc) on october 10th! go see it!
it basically describes who Mormons really are, and what makes us "tick."
it will be super informative.
AND all proceeds go to charity, specifically The Red Cross.
so go learn something, and feel good that you "donated" to a charity ;)

Happy Monday!


  1. kelli your toe sounds SO PAINFUL i am not gonna lie. ouch! but...yay for food to make everything better :)

  2. Oh my word so sorry about your toe - that is NOT fun! Luckily (& I'm knocking on wood as I write this) I've never had a toe injury, or any serious injury of any kind! YAY for cheese rolls, yum!!!

  3. I cringed reading about your toe! I hope it heals quickly! I love Tucano's for that reason!

  4. poor broken toe!! at least you had yummies to make up for it... run or no run... you have to take care of you. ;) HOW DO YOU STILL HAVE GIFT CARDS AFTER 3 YEARS?! i'd probably lose them.

  5. Your blog is absolutely adorable! And no spendtember!! Wow that sounds impressive and also like something we definitely need to try!

  6. Oh no! That's terrible about your toe! I had no idea a cookie sheet could do such damage- they're dangerous...you better not make chocolate chip cookies anymore. ;) In all seriousness though, I hope you'll heal quickly- that's no fun! And yay for friendly new neighbors! I've never heard of cheesy rolls..

  7. don't you hate it when you look forward to seeing a movie and it isn't any good? that's the worst! breaking a toe sound so painful, i hope yours heals fast.

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  8. Um... OUCH! that made me cringe just thinking about it!
    I also have been debating on seeing If I Stay... so thanks for the review!