hey, thanks, world.

yesterday, I realized that my liscense plate registration expired in march.
MARCH. hahah!
I freaked out and told taylor how lucky we were that we hadn't gotten a ticket!
It literally didn't even cross my mind until the reminder for taylor's car came in the mail yesterday.
so I made plans to go to the DMV right after work.
aaaaand looooo and behold.
I get out to my car today, and guess what is sitting on my windshield?
you got it.
a ticket.
a ticket that we totallyyyyy deserved--but WTH world!!
I was going to the DMV right after work ended!
what are the chance!?
needless to say, I was pretty upset.
but the irony? still can't get over it.

and this was on top of a day that was less than fantastic already.
I had two angry parent emails (accusing me of grade errors and then sending another email an hour later apologizing, because they realized it was their child's mistake, and not mine...so I guess I should be happy there was an apology letter, but it definitely set the mood for the day).
and also, a strange phone conversation with someone that left me thinking, "wait...what did I do wrong?"

anyways, so I drive down to the DMV, wait in line for 30 minutes, only to find out that I need to go to the DMV in provo, instead.
And this is absolutely no one's fault but my own (and their dumb website--I googled a million times, "how to renew my license plate registration" and couldn't find a decent answer anywhere.
...it's different in CA than in UT, so I'm blaming it on that. ;)

so I drive down to the Provo DMV, wait in line for 25 minutes to be told that my car year needs the emission check.
once again--totally my fault.  I thought my car was a 2008, so when I looked at the chart, it said I didn't need the renewal, buuut oh yeah!
my car is a 2009.
(really, this post is just about how dumb I am today...haha)

anyways, so then I drove over to jiffy lube to get the emissions check.
As I'm waiting in the lobby, Taylor called me and asked where I was.
I totally forgot that he had a scout campout tonight and was leaving at 5pm!
and I had sent him a million texts that day saying all I wanted to do was get a big hug from him to make my day better.
and now...I wouldn't even make it in time to see him!
I might have cried sitting in jiffy lube.

but then I sped home, and luckily, my sweet husband waited until 5:10 so he could give me my much needed hug.
but as soon as he hugged me, I bawled. 
I hated the fact that he was leaving in two seconds, and I was having a horrible day, and ah! I just wanted him with me.

I've also been thinking a lot today about "being offended."
I've had two anonymous comments on my blog the last two weeks that were very hurtful...and well, rude.
And last Sunday evening, I was really offended by something someone said to me.
And as much as I hope it was unintentional, it still stung.
I've been thinking a lot about the saying, "You are the one who chooses to be offended."
And as much as I wholeheartedly agree with that, I don't think that it necessarily takes away the pain of a hurtful word or comment.
and so I've been battling--what do you do when someone you love or even someone you don't know offends you?
How do you move on and not let it affect your daily attitude, self image, or relationship with the person?

As I've been circling this thought in my head, I keep coming back to three sayings:

#1. "Never let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved."

#2. "What we do for ourselves dies with us.  What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal."

#3. "I can do hard things."

Love, service, and endurance.
Love the offender.
Forget yourself, and serve.
And endure--this is but a small trial in the scheme of things.
And even though the pain or hurt is real, I can do hard things--including, forgiving a hurtful comment.
(why is that sometimes so hard to do?)

This blog post was quite disconnected, but getting all of these thoughts down is exactly what I needed.
And even though I am still a little pouty over the fact that I am lonely tonight, I do feel much better.
And actually--it's kinda funny that I got that ticket today. hahah
oh world, you are something else. always throwing me curveballs to keep life entertaining.

I definitely just cooked a whole pizza for myself.
aaand, the cookie dough is ready on the counter.
and I'm going to try really hard not to think about the fact that I am terrified of sleeping in an empty house.

happy weekend!
may all your bad days end in a whole pizza and chocolate chip cookies
(and hopefully WITH someone, and not all alone! pity party, pity party, I know ;)

and p.s. can we all just be nice to each other?
go be nice to someone right now.


  1. Girl so sorry you had such a rotten day. I hate days like that but I'm glad it got better! And I agree, just because you shouldn't take offense doesn't make it any less hurtful. I'm going through a divorce right now, and have had multiple remarks made where it is hard not to take offense, especially from people who can't understand. Anyway, that doesn't really relate, but I agree with everything you said! I bet you get a lot of it, being a teacher! That just means you're doing something right:)

  2. I don't understand why people feel the need to put others down. It's pathetic. Keep your head up and remember the only people whose opinion really matters are the ones who love you unconditionally. Hope your weekend gets better - starting with pizza and cookies :)

  3. I don't even know that I would know license plates expire... AND PEOPLE DRIVE AROUND LOOKING FOR PARKED CARS TO TICKET!? NO ONE HAS ANYTHING TO DO?! Okay, I'm done. It just seems silly.

    I don't have the right answer on being offended... especially by people you love... so if you figure it out, LET ME KNOW!! In the mean time, I talk to God a LOT about trying to teach me to forgive... I just need to listen better. LOL

  4. oh girl. i hate those days - i'm so sorry you had one! isn't it funny how it all seems to happen at once? but you are a champ.

    i have had a lot of the same feelings and thoughts on offense the last 6 months - i had some pretty potent experiences with someone who is a permanent fixture in my life offending me consistently. oh, it is so tough! i read this article about mean people and found it pretty interesting. check it out! http://witanddelight.com/2014/09/kindness-brave-everywhere-mean-people-know/

    you're awesome kelli - no matter what any angry parent has to say :) xox

  5. You cute thing. While reading this, I was seriously thinking- "She still hasn't cried...ok Seriously! I would be in tears by now!" then it came- so glad to see that I am not the only one that is emotional :) haha! And so sorry about those awful days! We all have them :) I love your honesty!!!

  6. Ugh...doesn't it seem to happen that way EVERY time? When it rains, it pours! I swear. I'm glad your sweet husband stayed home to squeeze you...and I'm totally just like you in that I would've cried all night, eaten cookie dough by the spoonful and eat my sorrows in pizza! ;)

    I'm so sorry that you had that rotten day, though. Some people can be so crummy...and I hope the rest of your school days are filled with happiness!!!!!! XO!