bad luck

I feel like I kind of have had bad luck this week:
I broke my toe
I shattered my iphone
(I know, I know, I think this is the 3rd iphone I've blogged about breaking. I am the WORST)
I rebroke my toe
parent teacher conferences are tonight (major ugh)
we ran out of milk last night (major problem in the gilbert household)

so I've been wearing sandals because my toe can't fit into anything else (mostly because of the pain), and today I stupidly ran into my desk chair and the same toe got hit.
and this time, when I looked down, it was at a 45 degree angle.
so that was gross.
I pushed it back into place (cried and swore) and then pouted all day over how much it hurt.
but taylor's text made me feel a little bit better:
and I am dying over the fact that I can't run right now!
If I'm still out of commission by Monday, I might actually die. ha

and parent teacher conferences are great, but also horrible because who wants to be at work for over 12 hours?

And I really didn't mean for this whole post to be full of complaints.
but it's a wednesday, and I guess that happens.

to make this a little happier, here are five things I am super grateful for:
1. a cute little apartment. I LOVE our apartment. it's perfect, and spacious, and cozy.
(and who can complain about walk-in closets and heated/jetted tubs?)
2. a husband that makes me laugh. last night we giggled in bed forever. and it was the best.
3.a job that I truly love. my students seriously own a piece of my heart. and nothing makes me happier than when old students drop in to say hi!
4. a husband that works SO hard for us! and a job that makes him smile! he works long hours some days, but he always finds a way to make me feel special.
5. mass texts with my three sisters. the funniest things ever. it's just a constant conversation, and it's so fun to be in contact with them 24/7.

I just tried to take a picture here at parent teacher conferences, but it was really awkward, so i stopped.
so instead, you get a completely unrelated picture of one of the happiest weeks this summer:


  1. Rough week! Hope your toe heals quickly!

  2. I love the love you and Taylor have for each other. Why can't we be closer than many states away?!!

  3. I swear, if you break a toe, your are guaranteed to bang it at least 4 times a day! Ouch!!

  4. Ugh. Chin up, pretty girl! So sorry about your toe...I can't even imagine.

  5. I love that Taylor indulges your silliness and stays so upbeat! You guys are AWESOME together! Your poor toe though!!! :(

  6. awww you two are so cute! hope you feel better soon! I would complain foreverrrrr about a broken toe AND the iPhone thing!

  7. This is hilarious! You two are too cute.- and i really hope your toe heals mega fast!