Our weekend.

Night out on the town with the Gilb fam.

He's got creepy eyes. But man! He's a handsome man.

Oh, and then we ended the night with some funny faces:

We went to our good friends' wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Oldham!
They were beautiful!
And it was a lovely sealing.
Then we got to eat this yummy food at the luncheon.

 This picture makes me laugh.
Tay was in deep conversation with his Mama.
But it kind of looks like he is posing. ha.

We had fun plans on Saturday night, but then I got sick. :(
So I fell asleep at 7pm and slept until 9 the next morning! Geesh...

I was still feeling a little nauseous, so we took it easy.
church, yummy dinner, and we got to see the lovely Kelsey Briggs.
More about her here.

Hey, guess what?
Only two days of work and then I get the rest of the week off!
Loving this holiday season!

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