Feeling spontaneous.

Tay and I went grocery shopping late Saturday night.
One of the many reasons we love Winco (open 24 hours!)
Afterwards, we were both feeling a little spontaneous.
So we decided to bring out the little kid in each of us and go swing on some swings.
The last time we did that was when we were dating.
When it was the "new-and-exciting" and "does he like me as much as I like him?" feeling.
It was fun to reminisce together as we swung on the swings.
Being married makes me feel old sometimes.
Why go out and do stuff every night when you live with your best friend?
It's pretty much the best.

 Our swinging feet.

The next two are Taylor's zombie imitations.
Can you tell we've been watching The Walking Dead?

Can you believe it's already November?
I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving Break.
PLUS I get this Friday off...just because.
Why wouldn't you want to be a teacher? ;)

This month it's time to be extra aware of all of the things I'm grateful for.
Let's start with the thing I am most grateful for:
Taylor Ray Gilbert.

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