One long weekend.

I had fall break this last Thursday and Friday.
Which meant=no school! (aka work)
This is why you become a teacher! Ha.
Already looking forward to my next break in about two weeks! ;)

I had SUCH a productive few days:
deep cleaned our house
planned yummy fall dinners (and desserts!)
went grocery shopping
scheduled a doctor's appointment
babysat cute kids
shopped :)
gathered more things for our Halloween costumes
worked on craft projects
went to the dentist
...and more!

Oh, quick dentist story:
I have a love/hate relationship with the dentist.
I love going, because they always compliment my teeth. Brag moment? Maybe...ha.
(It's in my family genes...none of us have any cavities, and have generally strong and healthy teeth, plus I am a big teeth-cleaning-nazi)
I went to a new dentist this time, and he said, "Man! Where did you grow these teeth!?"
But...the hate part:
I have receding gums.  And so it's always pretty painful in those areas.
Turns out the dentist wants me to have gum surgery (replacing my gums with parts of my pallett). 
Ugh :(
I'll keep you updated on that.

Two things I loved about our weekend:
We got to see our very best friend, Kelsey Briggs!
Kelsey has been with us since the very beginnings of mine and Taylor's relationship.
PLUS, she was part of the sneaky plan when he proposed!
Oh, we love her.

We also went through haunted houses and corn-mazes.
I never realized Taylor was SUCH a pansy when it came to these things.
He kept pushing me in front of him! Ha!
It was pretty scary.
But so fun!
(and...big bummer...both Taylor and I forgot our cameras/phones and so no pictures were taken during our haunted adventures).

So, here are some pictures of our evening with Miss Kelsey!

Reaching for the last birch beer (birch flavored rootbeer)


 Birch beer and bananagrams!

Our creepy selves...

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