Kelli is Fan-dang-tastic!

Guess what?

Last week our family ate 5 homemade meals! Pretty fantastic, right? This had nothing to do with me, of course. Kelli made a goal to cook more often, and any of you who know Kelli know that when she sets a goal, nothing including, but not limited to, heaven, earth, or dopey husbands, will get in the way of her accomplishing her goals. 

So happy about this goal.

So we invited some people to come over for FHE to play some games and have some treats. Everybody was coming at 7, and Kelli starts cooking at 6:15ish. I asked her, "What are you cooking?" expecting something like waffles or sandwiches, "Navajo Tacos!" kell responds enthusiastically. 

I have learned it's better not to argue :) 

So I am off doing something else, something much less productive I'm sure, and she asks me, "Do you want beans with your tacos?" I know that kell doesn't like beans and was surprised she offered, so I accepted. 

Well, with plenty of time to spare, Kelli and I sit down to eat our beautiful meal.

I start to scoop myself some beans and just start to laugh. 

"What? You said you wanted beans..." Kell said.
"I just thought you meant refried beans, or maybe black beans." I answer.
"I thought that those were refried beans."

No, my lovely Kelli, Beanee Weenees are not refried beans :) Even if you spend ten minutes picking out all of the hotdog chunks.

But I sure do love my wife for trying!

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