Matching socks.

The thing I hate the most about laundry?
Matching Taylor's socks.
There are always sooo many.
And I can never tell which sock goes with which.
They are all black.
But different brands, patterns, etc.
I'm assuming most ladies know exactly what I'm talking about...

I've recently given up trying to match and just put ones together that are the same color.
Taylor has been patient, but I'm sure it drives him nuts.

I've consistently told him that I am going to buy him socks with all sorts of patterns:
bumblebees, crazy stripes, crazy patterns, etc....so that I KNOW which sock goes with which.
He would love this, too.  So it's a win-win.
But I haven't found any yet...

Last night, Taylor decided he would throw ALL of his socks away.
Whether they were in good condition or not.
And start completely over.
He went to the store and bought MATCHING socks.
So now instead of 3 billion different kinds of socks, he has one brand for all of his black socks.
One brand for his tan socks.
And one brand for his white socks.

And I can't tell you how EXCITED this makes me!
Folding laundry will be SO much easier!

See ya later, sockies!

Happy boy with brand new socks=happy girl (aka me)

Look how pretty!!


  1. you got rid of all his perfectly good socks?!?!? oh my goodness, you crazy girl!!! you should have just made him wear them out or at least keep them for...something! use them for SOCK puppets for your kids!!

  2. but PS i know your pain. i have the same problem.
    PPS can you PLEASE remove your verification thing? it is almost impossible for me to get a comment through to you.

  3. it was his idea! he wanted to start clean so I didn't argue. But we didn't throw them out completely. I've saved them for crafts ;)

  4. Why can't he match his own socks?

  5. One of our deals we made with each other when we were first married is that I will always do the laundry and he will always do the trash :) it works great...even with sock matching woes! plus, I'm too proud to go back on the deal and ask him to do it ;)