A super glue story

On Sunday morning, I was teasing Taylor relentlessly.
All in good fun, of course.
Even though he pretended to be sad (puppy face and all), we were both laughing.
Then, right as we were about to leave church, Taylor pointed to a bottle of super glue on the counter and asked, "Hey, will you pick that up for me?"
Me: "Why...?"
Taylor: "My hands are full."
His hands were full, but I was more inquiring what he wanted to use it for.
So, I picked it up for him.
He started to unbutton his dress shirt, and said, "Here...I just need some right here..."
I just looked at him with a sincerely confused face.
Then he pointed at his heart and said, "To put my broken heart together."

Haha! I still laugh just thinking about it.
I was laughing so hard, I had tears.
This boy is so dang clever.
He is always keeping me laughing.

At least now you know the cure to a broken hurt. ;)

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