This is why I do it.

All of the woes of teaching:
the never-ending grading
the constant complaining
the immature punks
student whispers they think you didn't hear
the lesson planning
the long hours
the students forgetting you are a person with feelings
the discipline

They are all worth it when you hear:
"Mrs. Gilbert, your class is so awesome!"
"This is my favorite class ever!"
"I learned so much today!"
"Thanks for that lesson, Mrs. Gilbert!"
"This activity is really fun!"

All of those woes combined are worth it for just one of these small comments.
I don't think some students quite understand the woes they can cause.
Or how one simple comment can make it all worth it.

So...to the students who take the time to tell me something great:
Thanks. It means a lot.

And this is why I do it.

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