Incentive Trial

I tried something new with my students this term.
Instead of having "punishments" for bad behavior,
I have been using "incentive/rewards" for good behavior.

This is what I said at the beginning of term to my challenging classes:
"If we can get everything done that we need to and if we can stay on schedule, then the day before Thanksgiving break, I will allow you to watch a movie.
This means that if I have to stop every five seconds to tell you to be quiet...you've lost the movie day."

I was so surprised how well it worked!
All I had to say when they got riled up was:
"How much does your movie day mean to you?"
And then they would quieter faster than you could believe.

Today is their movie day.
And they SO earned it.
Which makes me not feel bad about losing a day.
Because we are AHEAD of schedule!
Incentives work!

I brought about six school-appropriate movies for them to vote on and choose to watch.
Why did I bring so many?
So I wouldn't be stuck watching the same movie four times today.
BUT, ironically, all three classes have voted on the same movie.
Guess my plan didn't work too well after all... ;)

Oh well.
I'm happy.
They're happy.
It's a good day.

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