Dang it.

I happened to be sick with the flu yesterday (Halloween).
It was the worst timing!
For two reasons:
1. Friday is the end of the quarter for my dear students. So missing ANY day this week means that 10x more students will come in to my classroom the next day (morning and after school) asking what they can make up last minute. ugh...frustrations of a teacher! I'm tempted to say "NO LATE WORK EVER!"  But I have some real moral concerns about doing it this way.
2.  Sick on HALLOWEEN!? ugh!

I didn't get to see any of the cute babes that came to our door last night.
Tay took care of that.
But I did get to cuddle up to Taylor and watch The Walking Dead (oh, we love this show!)
I was back to the grind today. Still feeling a little weak and nauseous, but I didn't really have a choice.

Plus, I'm still at school grading papers (had to take a break).
But now...after looking at the clock and listening to my rumbling tummy, I think I will call it quits, and go home to make some yummy green pizza for dinner.
Okay, I've convinced myself.
Grading and inputing grades can always wait until tomorrow. ;)

Here's a small glimpse into the 60 8-page tests I have to grade.
Thank goodness for TA's who help me with the multiple choice section
But the short answer takes forever because I like to comment on almost each one.  To tell them what I liked, or how they could improve.
My biggest pet peeve as a student was not knowing WHY I missed the question, or never getting praise for something I was proud of.
So I read everything. And comment on everything.
Waste of time? Maybe.
 But I just hope my students appreciate it.

Moral of this saga:
being sick is never fun.
and neither is grading.

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