Happy Halloween!

Last weekend, Taylor and I went to an AWESOME Halloween party with a bunch of married/dating/engaged couples! ha!
A big thanks to Brody and Jenni for throwing such a fun party.
For Halloween this year, I went as a lion and Tay was a lion tamer. 
Cute, right?
Our costumes turned out perfect!
And they were relatively cheap!
Thanks to D.I.
First things first: I had some great help with the finishing touches of my costume.
My great neighbor, Ali, did my eye makeup.
And Taylor's Aunt Jill teased my hair to the extreme for my lion's mane.
Everyone thought my hair was a wig...nope, it is really my hair. 
Take a look!

 Had to show off my little tail :)

Please excuse his creepy eyes and slipping mustache.

Brody and Jenni always go way out when it comes to party food.
We love them for that. ha

 Towards the end of the night, I was getting a little worried about how I would ever untangle my hair.
But it only took about 10 minutes and a full bottle of conditioner! 

 Oh! We won the pumpkin carving contest!
And I won the costume contest!
Gilberts taking home the cake! ;)

Here's a creepy-style one just for fun :)

Dear Taylor:
Thanks for being such a good sport each year and being so patient with me dressing you up.
You are such a fun husband!

Happy halloween!

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