throw up makes you a mom

last night I had a true mom night.
After being asleep for about 30 mins, I woke up at 11:45 to little eight-year-old kassidy waking me up because she was covered in throw up.
and it was everyyyywhere.
after helping her shower and holding her hair a few more times in the toilet, I made a bed for her at the foot of our bed.
then about 4 more times in the night, we woke up together for more "over-the-toilet" moments.

so I think I got a total of about 2-sporadic hours of sleep, and I suddenly have SOSOSOSO much more appreciation for working moms.
because I am DEAD dead DEAD at work today.

yesterday morning, she called me from school because she wasn't feeling well.
Taylor picked her up and stayed with her, but by 3pm she was feeling a lot better.
she never had a fever, and we thought she was more "mom-sick" than "sick-sick."
but when she came in last night and I saw her covered in throw-up, we learned pretty quick that the poor thing was actually sick! ha!
thank goodness for the nicest neighbor, who agreed to watch kass today while I was at work and taylor had meetings.
Luckily, I think she got everything possible out of her system last night.
BUT wow.
being a mom is hard.
and also GROSS.
I almost threw up myself so many times. 
but I'm hoping that part gets easier?

also last night was the best birth control! HA

mostly I just love that little girl and want her to get better.
and mostly #2, I'm using last night as my excuse of why my lunch consists of only 2 nutty-bars.
I bought these last week because I was CRAVING them for some reason...and I NEVER buy snacks (except for almonds), so taylor was pretty happy to see these in the cupboard.
and today I was pretty happy to see these in my lunch.
and I think I made about two coherent sentences today while teaching. that's it.

but regardless of all of the sickness and throw up and smelly smells and no sleep, these 5 kids have our heart!


  1. Yep, those are the exact reasons why I can't get myself to buy a DOG, let alone have a kid. I'm just not in the right mental space yet, you know? Also, your fingernails in that picture! I love that color combo!!

  2. These moments are the hardest but also often the most heart warming - we had one of these moments last might when I had to rush my coughing babe to the hospital and sit with her on a nebuliser! So heart breaking to see her in pain but a very accomplished feeling as a mom...

    P.S. It's also a lot easier if it's your own child and DNA's throw up :)

  3. great post!
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  4. You. Are. My. Twin. Snacks for lunch all the way!!!!!! ;)

    Sorry about all the sickness...sheesh! I hope you don't get whatever little gal had!

  5. Remember how I said that I had babysat five kids for a week also while there family was in Hawaii?? Guess what the 3 out of 5 of them got the stomach flu also and even passed it onto me. Man good times haha.

  6. hahahahahahahah 2 nutty bars!!! the lunch of champions.

  7. You are a saint for being such a great stand in mom while she was sick. Especially knowing you had to get up and go to work. I don't know how the working moms do it. Hope you are getting some much deserved and needed rest this weekend.