oh, hi, i'm a mom of five kids!

on Sunday, taylor and I became parents of FIVE!
we are watching our cutest neighbor kids while their parents are in hawaiiiiii.
and if we had to "babysit" any kids, these are the easiest ones we could ask for.
they are unbelievably talented, and smart, and kind, and WITTY.
like taylor and I have tears in our eyes from laughing so hard every night.
it is the best thing ever.
also, they are all in school all day (with the oldest in high school), PLUS meals are pre-prepared...sooo we are getting the rich end of the parenting-gig.

but other times, I feel like I'm getting the "real-deal"
I got two calls from the elementary aged children during the school day yesterday asking little questions, had to make extra trips for "forgotten homework," did kindergarten homework for an hour, and flushed toilets that forget to be flushed.
and really. i love every second! HA, time to be a mom? 
these kids are just the best.

last night, we went to the closing night of their elementary school play.
three of "our" kids were in it.
with one of them being the main male role--we were pretty proud.

and here I was, finding myself squeezing in between heads to snap blurry pictures on my iphone, and yet I couldn't seem to snap enough of them.
I was just so proud of my pseudo-kids!

^see? total mom pictures--and yet, they were my favorite ones of the night, because they remind me of how happy they made me while performing on stage!
"my" kids are the ones on either side of me!
my little sebastian and mer-sister!

While standing in line waiting to get inside, I realized that all of the other parents had flowers and chocolates in their hands, and then I realized--DUH, CLOSING NIGHT.
we had to give them flowers!!
So I frantically called taylor and told him to stop to get flowers and candy.
and that's how you know I'm not a REAL mom. HA

we have just been having the best couple of days.
we hardly feel like we are "babysitting" and instead feel like we are playing all day with little friends.
they have taught us so much already!

and also. 
my heart is just constantly in a melt-status.
by now, it's probably just a puddle.
watching taylor interact with the kids and doing "dad-roles" like making breakfast or trying to make them laugh or comforting them if they are sad or putting them to bed---LIKE FOR REAL.
i'm ready to pop out five, right here, right now.

ALSO, last night I got to sit and listen to taylor sing with their oldest, Karlee.
here's a video if you want to enjoy yourself ;)
he is just going to be the best dad there ever was!
pw: singing

wish us luck for the rest of our pseudo-parenting-journey!
and follow on instagram to see some of our adventures this week!


  1. SO PRECIOUS! That's a huge responsibility, but I'm glad you're loving it! I had no idea Taylor could sing/play like that! Cue serious melt status. Also, please have a kid or two ASAP. Can you imagine how gorgeous those babies will be?!

  2. kelli you are going to be the cutest mom in the world. have fun this week!

  3. If these were my children and I saw this post it would definitely put my heart at ease being away from them. They definitely chose good "babysitters" Have fun!!!

  4. I had to play parent one time to five kids for a week also while the parents went to hawaii! But you are so lucky to have your husband to do it with. I did it all alone and while the kids were the best I was so exhausted by the end. I finally understood why kids come one at a time haha. So glad you're having so much fun!

  5. This is so cute - and you two sound so ready for little humans of your own :) You are very special friends to be babysitting for your neighbours - it's a big responsibility but also so much fun (for you and for them!) x

  6. Ummmm. Have a baby. Like yesterday!!!!! THIS IS soooo stinking cute, Kell!

  7. "i'm ready to pop out five, right here, right now." INSERT SO MANY LAUGHING TEARS EMOTICONS. like seriously i'm crying because YES do it. give me some little gilbert babies to love already!!

  8. OMG!! So cute!!! You are totally a mom... My mom forgot things all the time;)