snippets of christmas

I'm back!
haven't been around these parts for the last two weeks--but when you have a full two weeks off of work, it's really hard to blog when you are partying every day.
we literally had SO much fun.

buuut I am back to the grind!
last night, I was actually GIDDY to get back to work.
I just missed all of my students so much.
and I missed teaching.
and wow. I love my job.
I remember my first year teaching though (that year was the HARDEST year ever!), I literally cried the night before I went back after christmas break. so it was a pretty great thing (especially for taylor) that this year I was counting down the hours until I got to wake up and go back to see my little lovely students.

sooo...remember christmas that happened forever ago?
I should probably post some memories about that wonderful day.
so just pretend for a second that it is december 26th. okay? okay.

this christmas, I decided to take "snippet" pictures.
I feel like a lot of holidays I get stuck behind the camera (something I fully enjoy!), but this year I just really didn't want to miss a thing.
I've been all sentimental about being in the "there and now" lately.
so here are our christmas snippets:

a little christmas miracle since it hadn't snowed at all until christmas morning!

we had the YUMMIEST baked goods.
thanks to mama gilbert.

LOTS of puzzling on mine and mom gilbert's part.
i grew up puzzling during the winter season.
and I have some of the fondest memories of all of my siblings crowded around a puzzle table and fighting for that last piece!

 we all got these amazing remote helicopters that I am obsessed with.
we played "land the pilot on the ping-pong paddle" for a good couple of hours throughout the day. ha
aaand I really suck.
but one day, I'll land it right on that paddle.

and lots and lots of games.
except this monopoly game didn't end too happily.
us gilberts are a competitive bunch...
I'm "vaguely" remembering a christmas a few years ago when we pulled out risk, got so frustrated with each other that we ended the game early--and that game wasn't touched for years.
there's a few games on "mama gilberts banned-list" that aren't allowed out of the game closet.
i think monopoly just made that list.
but don't worry--as soon as the game is put away, we all laugh about it.

 and of course a few family pictures

as stated on my instagram--I love everyone in the above picture except for the cat.
not even kitten right meow.
that cat has it out for me.

christmas with the gilbert clan was another one to remember!

Oh and if you don't follow me on instagram, here is our virtual christmas card to you!
shhh remmeber, it's still december 26th, right? so this card isn't late at all.
hope you all had a wonderful end to your holiday season!


  1. I was off for two weeks straight also and it was legit! I had the best time ever. However, I am glad to be back in the routine of things :) P.S. cutest Christmas card ever!

  2. Ahhh coming back to work was so hard after having two weeks off. If I'd have had the t-shirt that says "The struggle is real", I'd have rocked it proudly today. At least seeing twenty one smiling faces come through the door made it worth it. Looks like you guys had a perfect Christmas. I'm so glad my family isn't the only one who can't handle family game nights (;

  3. I love your snippet Christmas photos! It looks like such a wonderful day, and your Christmas card is so cute!

  4. Your Christmas card is to DIE FOR!! Can we please meet for lunch sometime and become best friends??

  5. So fun! I love your Christmas card, it's perfect!

  6. Seriously love your photography! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Alright so those are the CUTEST family photos ever. You're so adorable, miss!!! I have to say I'm so jealous of your winter wonderland that you had on Christmas!! Ours is supposed to be coming this week!

  8. Such a gorgeous family! That snow looks absolutely dreamy, too. We didn't get any snow for Christmas this year.

  9. AH you guys are the cutest - your family picture is so fun! also, i hate cats so don't even feel bad about that haha. we need to get together and catch up about everything!!

  10. Wow, totally a winter wonderland!! Looks like a lovely Christmas!

  11. These pictures are so so so so fun. I want your family to adopt me... hello beautiful snow!!! And puzzles... and games... yep, sounds like a fun time to me! Sign me up. Welcome back to school!!

  12. I am loving all of your stunning pictures!! I so wish that it would snow where I am in Texas. Unfortunately I live just a tad too close the beach for it.