i like random things.

 a little photo dump for this rainy monday.
because it's necessary and random, and I love random things.
seriously my eyes turn into little hearts when I see him.
last night I was giggling in bed because MY HUSBAND IS SO CUTE
and every time he would laugh at me, I would swoon all over again--because his half-smile and dimples...OMG
then he started to think I was weird, but I just kept laughing and saying, "but tay, you're just sooo hot. like I can't even stand it! I'm so excited to sleep next to you tonight!" 
it's okay. taylor definitely called me out on being weird. HA
but you know those times when you're just GIDDY over your love? that was last night.

one of my best friends from BYU had a baby!
the cuuuutest baby girl I ever did see!

tippy-toe kisser for life.
accepting it.

#tbm to the time that we laid under the christmas tree (hence the red hanging ball) and chatted for awhile.
and then took pictures with our new selfie stick.
and I think everyone should own a selfie stick.

one night last week we both headed to the gym together, and we were moaning and complaining the whole way because we avoid the gym in january-february like the plague.
because all of those new-year-resolutioners make the gym PACKED.
and I just anxiously wait for everyone to give up (so mean...but I like maaa space)
anyways, it was late and cold so we decided to go there instead of running outside, and we were convinced it would be insane.
we walk in to this:
still confused.
but HIIII empty gym!
an empty gym is allllmost comparable to christmas morning.

 the time we went to park city for an aerial ski competition, and I used my california mind and wore flats.
so sweet taylor carried me the whole time. HA
i'm dumb.

and also--this weekend was the greatest.
filled to the brim with puzzling and watching friends (NOW ON NETFLIX!!!) together.
my sisters and I have an unhealthy addiction to friends.
we can pretty much quote every episode--in fact, there was about a 4 year period that I didn't go a day without watching at least one episode. 
and now that it's on netflix!? so easy to watch all day, every day.

also, I turned to taylor last night and said, "I really like this moment."
and so I set up the camera and took a picture.
so yeah, I guess this is kinda obviously staged-- but I just want to remember it forever because this weekend was good to us.



  1. Is it possible to have a couples crush on someone? Cause I do. I'm getting all googley eyed over every random tidbit!!! I've totally done that before with Caleb..."you're just so hot, babe!!!" Hahahah! I love it. #twins

  2. You guys.......are just the cutest thing. This makes me very smiley :)

  3. Haha I love the first part about you freaking out about how much you love your husband :)

    Also, FRIENDS! I posted on FB yesterday that I'm so happy it's on Netflix now, because I haven't watched it for like two years and it's like reuniting with old friends for real. It made me so happy I almost cried. #dork :)

  4. Ugh. You two just melt me with your overwhelming good looks and the practically tangible love force field that you shoot through the Internet via your blog. So. Freaking. Cute.

  5. oooookay you two are adorable & pretty much perfect. haha i love that you wore flats, you're husband is the sweetest for carrying you!

  6. You two are so cute together. It makes me excited for the day I find my other half. Especially to have moments like laying under the Christmas tree together, and just being full of pure joy.

  7. You and your hubs are ridiculously cute!! I think tippy-toe kisses are the cutest in pictures!!

  8. the cute cute cutest!

  9. you guys are too cute. i'm so glad i'm not the only one who gets giddy and mushy over love sometimes.

  10. friends is the best - we watched all 10 seasons during the fall & i'm ready to start it all over again!

    also, i love freaking out about how much you love your husband! those are the greatest moments! we call them "hamster moments" because when i was little, i was love squeezing my hamster so hard that i killed him. so when i just want to squeeze him so hard (but not kill him) we call it a hamster moment!

    1. ohhh my gosh. you killed your hamster!? that is seriously the funniest ever!! i'm dying hahahah

  11. You are the cutest. Ha we live for netflix over here! THE BESTTTT! and i love your "really like this moment.." HA i need to do that more often.

  12. Let's just back up and focus on the fact that your husband carried you the whole time when you wore the wrong shoes. I'm kind of jealous that you guys are the CUTEST EVER. With your tippy-toe kisses for life, too.

  13. had you not told me the last picture was staged i promise i would not have known ha! i was thinking ryan must have been over and took it hahaha! OKAY and I love this post!! And you guys. And you.