the best future dad

our week of parenthood came to a close sunday afternoon!
and while we were pretty excited to take a nap and just sit and watch netflix, we already miss our pseudo-kids! good thing they live across the street from us ;)

as we watched these kids all week, I was continuously in awe at how good taylor is at being a dad--even if it was really only a "pseudo-dad" role.

throughout the week, I noticed a few things of why my taylorray will be the BEST dad our future gilbert littles could ever ask for!

+ he plays the silliest games with the kids.
+I was laughing so hard watching him play this game.
little luke had a helicopter, and had to pick up taylor's little "lego guy" that was touring the world.
the funniest part was that every time luke picked up the "lego-taylor" he would try to mayday the plane, and taylor kept saying, "dude, why do you keep mayday-ing me? I want to live!" and luke just thought it was the funniest thing ever.

+he played legos AT LEAST every day with them. pretty sure it was his idea to get them out in the first place. he is a little lego lover.

+he sat and watched the 11 year old play video games for hours and would give him cheat-codes and tell him what to do when he got stuck.
I got bored watching after like 2 mins. HA

+he checked in on the sleeping kids every night.
^on this night, he checked in a little too early. I was still cuddling with my favorite little guy and singing songs that he requested. so tay took a picture. haha

+he showed off his juggling tricks and made the kids laugh their little heads off.
especially when he peeled the orange with his mouth while juggling, and then threw the peeled oranges in his mouth and ate them whole (all while juggling). I should have recorded it...it's quite the feat.

+he literally spent hours with the boys MAKING UP a board game called "mission to mars" and then taught us all how to play. 
I mostly just watched and made fun of him for being so nerdy.

+he took the boys on little "boy trips" throughout the week, in which they always came back with some sort of treat...

+he gave advice to "our 16-year-old daughter" about awkward boy situations--PLUS made up the funniest song with her on the guitar about high-school-boys.
I would post it on here, but it has particular boys named, so that's probably not the best idea. HA
+he initiated a PVC-dart game--complete with barriers.
...also, one of the girls invited her friend, who invited his cousin, and the cousin so happened to be one of my students.
the best part was when we were on different teams, he said, "uh, am I allowed to shoot you, mrs. gilbert?" HAHA

+he took pictures of me and the kids (something I really hope he does when we have our own too...so that it's not just me behind the camera always HA)

+he worked from home when one of the kids got sick, and took care of her all day.

+at the end of each day, he cuddled next to me, and told me ALL of the reasons why he loved me that day--and why he was so happy our kids would get me as a mom.
cue melted heart.

can't wait to make this guy a dad one day!
i love you, taylorray!


  1. Gosh, Kell- I can't even take the cute in this post :P AH!

  2. There is just absolutely nothing like seeing our husbands in that roll. My husband hasn't really ever been around kids until his sister had a baby and I feel 10x more in love with him the first time he held her and then every time he shows off her pictures to someone. haha love, love, love this.

  3. Haha I'm DYING!!! Taylor and Brooks are basically the same person, total nerds hahaha

  4. stopppppppppp. You and Taylorray are tooooo much cute!!! Love his pseudo-dadness

  5. I too wish you took video of Taylor doing his juggling act! How on earth did he peel the orange with his teeth while juggling? As for the mom always behind the camera and never in the picture, it's true. So you're lucky that Taylor takes decent pictures cuz my hubby is terrible! And I'm sure Taylor will keep it up when you have your own "Gilbert littles."

  6. ...and my eyes are welling up at work. Ugh. So unbelievably cute! He sounds like a talented guy - what with the juggling and song writing! I also had to re-read the sentence where you said he MADE UP a game. Fantastic. Can't wait to see your beautiful little babies one day!