judge me...

While I was checking out at target on monday (let's be real, I'm a target addict and have been there twice this week...and it's wednesday), I noticed that the lady in front of me had the CUTEST hearted light strand. 
perfect for valentine's day!
I couldn't help myself--I got straight out of line to find them.
and, with my target obsession, I knew from the packaging that it was from the target dollar section.
I try to only look at that section like once a week, because somehow I end up with 20 things in my basket that I NEED--like can't-live-without-need. HA
and of course, this time was no different!
I had to search everywhere for the light strand because the basket was empty.
but I finally found one, buried in another basket. YES
and I also found a few other keepers (of course ha).

so I got home and started trying some of the new decorations out--just to get an idea of where I wanted to put them before I started decorating in a couple of weeks.
but once I started trying everything out, I was toast.
I couldn't help myself.
valentine's decorations are my VERY favorite.
because you can really make everything your own--PLUS, it's an excuse to decorate my home with hearts and love and I LOVE THAT.

I anxiously waited at least 2 days to share some of these decorations, so you wouldn't totally judge me for decorating so early.
but I guess it's not really that early. 
it is only 5 weeks away...right? ha!
but I want to share these with you, so you can score some of the deals I did!
^small milk bottles--in the target DOLLAR section! I got four and am going back today for like 6 more. I want to have a plethora--perfect for ANY holiday or event! I spruced mine up this holiday by adding a jute twine bow. and all of the flowers in the little milk bottles are from the dollar store. I just cut them apart with wire cutters.
 the mailbox was a find from last year at hobby lobby for $2. I love sticking notes in there for taylor throughout the season and putting up the little "you've got mail" flag!

free printables from online.
(if you want links for any of the printables, let me know. but you can probably find most on pinterest)
I just had them printed at walmart!
and if you need frames, you can always find good frames at the dollar store!

heart wreath: target dollar section.

and please notice the door knob...

another win for the target dollar section! oh yeah! 
just couldn't help myself...

 ^vase completely copied from pinterest.
the owl is my favorite ever! also a hobby lobby find from last year for $2.
here's a close up of the branches:
I scored this vase at target for $13. perfect for any season or any bouquet!
the branches were from outside...duh
and the hearts were from the dollar store!
just found them there yesterday, so hurry and get yours!

the hearted lights that started this whole mess.
but I mean...look at them!!

 LOVING this banner.
printed it off from free HERE.
and the roses are from the cutest husband ever
(story to come about those tomorrow)

is anyone judging me for decorating this early?
taylor came home from work while I was in the middle of decorating and he said, "already, kells??"
HA, and then he looked around and said, "soooo...how bad did target get you this time?"
you know me so well, tay. so well. HA

taylor said to me today, "hey, I need to go to hobby lobby tonight. want to come?"
"uhhh that is a dangerous place to take me."
"good point. what was I thinking?"
HA so maybeeee there might be a little more decorations after tonight ;)

I just looooove valentine's day.
for the pure reason of seeing love everywhere.
and because our valentine's traditions are some of my favorite ever! 
PLUS, I've got this cute valentine for like ever.
soooo...go stalk the target dollar section, NOW!
happy wednesday!


  1. I've never decorated for Valentine's Day but I might just have to this year because those decorations are so cute!

  2. girl, I've already hit up that dollar section at least four times in the past two weeks.. it's so much worse when you have a little babe that NEEDS cute things for a valentines basket.. because she totally needs that too? haha. such a cute house!

  3. I only have like ONE Valentine's Day decoration but suddenly I want to run out to Target and Hobby Lobby and everywhere to stock up! Love all your stuff! :)

  4. love all the valentine's day decor... especially the love banner. was it from target too?! and who can pass up the dollar section. it gets me in trouble EVERY.time!

    1. it's actually just a chalkboard banner that I just wrote "love" on. I use it almost every holiday! but I got it online awhile ago!

  5. I love Valentines Day Decorations!! Your set up is too cute!!

  6. haha kel i am OBSESSED with all of it - the milk bottle, the vase, the lights, SO CUTE! (and now i understand where the valentines party came from yesterday. which i am still pumped for by the way.) i love you!!

  7. I saw the dollar section at target yesterday with all the hearts and had to make myself walk away!!!! Look how cute your home is!!!!!

  8. Oh my gosh you're the absolute CUTEST! I feel the need to decorate now. It's contagious! SPREADING THROUGH THE COMPUTER SCREENS! Dahhh... decoration bug germs everywhere...

  9. Dang- I just think that you are freakin on top of it! Goodness. I just got Christmas down...
    But what are some of your Valentine's traditions?!

  10. Totally coveting your heart branches and vase! I hope you don't mind if i copy you!
    I don't know if you feel the same, but before I met my husband I completely hated valentines day. Now it's one of my favorite holidays. haha it's funny how that happens. huh?

  11. Oh my gosh, you are awesome! I love all of that! I want to steal some of your ideas for Valentine's Day :) Now I just need the time but I'll work on it when work slows down!

  12. The lights were definitely worth getting out of line for and totally worth the extra $20 I'm sure you spent riffling through those bins. They. Are. The. Devil....but in a very cute, must have kind of way. I love your love for decorating all things Valentines. You are welcome to come and spruce up our home any time! :)

  13. Can't believe this came from the target dollar section, but you did such a great job!

  14. We don't decorate for Valentine's Day but this is very cute x

  15. Ugh. I didn't need any more inspiration to go to Target...this might be a problem. You did an awesome job with your decorations! :)

  16. aww I think you should be forgiven since the decorations are so cute!

  17. The Target dollar store section is SOOO dangerous. I LOVE it! Ha! I went there last week and was a little late to the V-day game. They were pretty much out of everything! So that was smart of you to get started early! I'm going to need to be a little more on top if it next year. Anyway, you're adorable and I'm glad you found my blog so I could find YOUR darling blog!