I had a pretty fantastic day off on monday.
I kept sending pictures to taylor that looked like this:

if you can tell me what episode of friends this is, can we be best friends forever?
maybe you're like me and my sisters who send each other pictures of episodes and have each other guess...OR maybe you're not lame.

taylor and I kind of have an obsession with bath and body works candles.
out of all of the candles and plug-ins and any other smelling thing that I've tried, the B&BW candles are the ones that permeate and last the best.
cross my heart.
each candle lasts us about 3 months, which is perfect, because there is a sale every 6 months that is a "buy two for $22" with the three wick candles (the best kind).
so after we are done with our 2 candles, it's time for the sale again!
it's perfect timing, every time.
aaand for some reason, this is one of our favorite little "dates."
...that only happens twice a year.
ha. we go to the mall, get a soft pretzel, and then head over to B&BW to start smelling candles.
we each get to pick one, which usually ends up with each of us having a "top 3" and we help each other narrow it down.
and then we skip on home with our new candles in tow!
so FYI--B&BW candles are theeee best!
(get the three wick!)

time for a virtual applause!!
I have been trying to beat the seth&taylor team at canasta for TWO YEARS NOW.
they have like a secret language and it's impossible to beat them.
we decided to play last night--the wives against the unbeatables.
I have waited two years for this victory!
I guess all I needed was kelsey's beginner's luck! ;)
we wanted to take a picture of all four of us, but the boys were being pouty and refused to be in it. HA
I'm still on cloud nine.
and taylor wouldn't talk to me about it for the rest of the night.
even while I giggled in bed BECAUSE WE WON!!!

also, here's to making your wednesday just a little bit better:
this is THE funniest video.
it's so uncomfortable and so awkward, and I don't know which parents would agree to do this, BUT, it made me laugh out loud a few times.
especially the little asian kid.
maybe i'll just show my future kids this video when the "talk-time" rolls around. HA

and thank you to everyone for your dog advice!
...i kinda want a puppy now!


  1. i love days off... as well as rubbing days off in the hubs face. but it always backfires since he works four on four off because inevitably, i'm working while he's being lazy. boo. & yay for b&bw candles. i truly feel like they're an addiction. and at such a good price, who can say no?!

  2. Is that a nice cream pint by you in that first pic? YES!!!! ;) love. Also, that's one of our favorite things ever...going to BBW to pick out new seasonal 3 wicks. Little known fact: I used to work there. You need to go when the candles are 2 for $22, and take a $10 off $30 coupon...and get 3 candles. That essentially means you're getting 3 candles for nearly the price of one!!!! I WIN AT LIFE! ;)

    1. And by "a nice cream", I meant "an ice cream" !!!! ;)

    2. WAIT where can you get the $10 off coupon? can you use it when the candles are 2 for $22? that's the deal I meant to say. it feels like buy one get one free since they are normally that much for one! tell me more! p.s. why are we twins every day!? ha! oooof course you love these too ;)

  3. hahaha That is a hilarious video! So awkward, but so awesome!

    1. right!? it's so uncomfortable, but I was laughing the whole time.

  4. Those candles, though. I could spend hours in there sniffing them. It's kind of a problem and my guy doesn't quite enjoy it as much as yours does. ;) Haha...which ones did you pick last time?! I'm obsessed with Mahogany Teakwood.

    1. i can't remember the names--i'll have to check and let you know! but we did LOVE mahogany teakwood!

  5. HAHAH! You're right. The Asian kid is the best! "I told you Nick told me a bunch of nasty stuff!"

  6. We are candle OBSESSED in our house. We do BBW and Yankee both because we just love too many scents. And yes, I do mean WE. Jared is equally excited every time there is a sale and every time a new season rolls around we head to the mall.

  7. Wild guess.. but is that the Friends episode where Ross gets married in London?

    1. YOU ARE RIGHT!!! wow, candace, we are meant to be friends. you little rockstar, you!!

    2. haha! The first year my husband and I were married we watched every single episode on dvd,
      and it's still one of our favorite tv shows. :)

  8. Oh my gosh I just died. That video. Ha! And I'll be honest, I didn't know the Friends episode from the pic, but now that Candace here has said that one, I do agree, because I did note that Phoebe was pregnant haha :)

  9. oh. my. gosh. i've seen that video floating around Facebook for a while but just kept scrolling. but i thought to myself "if kelli gilbert thinks it's funny...maybe i should watch it". and I'm sitting here absolutely uncomfortable and dying from laughter. i feel like some parents made it way worse than it had to be. haha. ps. congrats on your big canasta win!

  10. Nice blog;-)


  11. Okay that movie was SO awkward. also...jack watched it with me hahahahha

  12. My husband and I made a special trip this year on $8 candle day....it's in December each year. We made it extra special by using the spend $10, get a free item coupon. So we are stocked on candles, hand sanitizer, and the fancy shaving cream (for him), and body wash for me!

  13. Oh my gosh I'm dying..... we are loving this video because its just too........ too everything.

    I think we're going to watch it again now. Thanks for contributing this gem to our date night.
    And your guys' date night idea is the most darling. LOVE their candles! --- I'm one of the candle obsessed...

  14. I have a candle obsession as well so I totally get it!