Halloween fun!

happy belated halloween from the big bad wolf and little red!
we had just about the greatest Halloween!
our party was so fun--and I did silent cartwheels and cheers when a couple said they couldn't come afterall--because we had an accidental guest list of 36 people. HA
we ended up with such a great group of people!

I kinda failed at taking pictures--but I do have some pictures of some of our cute friends!
wish I had gotten everyone!
 (just got to throw in here that at first I spelled "pus" as "puss" and taylor was quick to tell me to change it. HA

^please notice my hanging ghosts. HA I love those ghosts even though taylor laughs at them.^

oh, you know, just delivering lunch to grandma when a big bad wolf attacked!

 ^^how cute is this idea!?^^

 we played lots of fun games--and I only got one picture.
but don't worry--I have a mini video of our party coming your way!

OH and let's not forget how after the party I suddenly had a major bloody nose that got all over my white dress.  so that was awesome.
but taylor was a gem and cleaned it for me, and I thiiiiink we may have saved the dress!

things are kinda hectic in the gilbert household right now--so many things to do when the holiday season comes around!
but we are loving life!

Hope everyone's Halloween was as fantastic as ours!


  1. You're the cutest red riding hood EVER! :) not gonna lie, I thought Taylor was a raccoon at first....but now I see it!!

  2. OKKKKKAAAYYYY you guys are so adorable! And SO creative. DARLING!

  3. Seriously, those costumes are amazing. Such a cute idea! I also love the little scuba diver. I can't get over your cute little Halloween treats!

  4. Shut. Up. You guys are ridiculously adorable!!!!! I love the costume.... and the party looks so fun!! Love the little details!!

  5. still can't get over how adorable your guys' costume was. the cutest!