Surprise date

Taylor called me at about 6:45 tonight (right after he got out of class) and said, "I want to take you out on a date tonight.  Be ready in 20 minutes!"
I had the V.P. debate all cued up, but I paused it for this special date (this is big for me...I was more excited for the debates than for Christmas morning when I was six. seriously...just ask Taylor...ha).

Our date started as soon as he arrived home.
He gave me the sweetest kiss and then said, 
"I have been thinking about this moment all day."
Yeah, he's a charmer. ;)

Then he grabbed one of his shirts from the bedroom and blindfolded me.
He guided my blind self to the car.
Of course, that was a debacle all in itself.
p.s. please notice the beautiful hints of fall in the background!
 Oh my, I am getting so excited for this pretty season!
Taylor told me: "This is nothing special.  But I just wanted to make it fun for you."
Hey babe?  It's always special when it's with you.

Taylor took lots of twists and turns to confuse me.
And then we arrived.
Costco food-court is one of our favorites.
Cheap, yummy, and always a fun time.

Plus, life is always good when you get to end the night with ice cream!

Isn't this boy darling?
Always making life fun and surprising for me.

Hey guess what tomorrow is?
Park City. All weekend.
With my main man.
Could I be more excited?
I think not.

Oh p.s., my darling husband got me the iphone for our anniversary.
(anniversary blog post to come)
This just made blogging 10x easier.
Thanks, Tay!

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