While Taylor was anxiously engaged in his studies and homework tonight, I was dancing like a penguin (no, really.) and singing random things.
Mostly, I was trying to get my husband's attention.
He would look at me, laugh, and then return to his homework.
I kept singing, "I hate homework! I hate your homework! Ohhh, homework...hate! hate! hate!"

Then I said, "Yeah, I don't miss having homework."
Taylor gave me a joking "glare" and then...returned to his homework.
Don't get me wrong...I am so proud of my smartie-patootie husband.
And I was just like him when I had homework.

He looked so stressed all night, and my singing probably wasn't helping.
But it was still funny.
He ended up throwing a cup of water at me to get me to stop. Ha.

While I don't miss the stress of homework, I definitely still have stress.
Right now my biggest stress item:
Making sure I don't use my limit of copies before the end of the month.
That is stressful.

I said to Taylor, "You look stressed."
Him: "I am."
Me: "Me too.  I'm worried about running out of copies before the end of the month!"
If I hadn't ducked behind the couch right after saying that, I probably would have been killed by a pillow attack of some sort.
I'm getting smarter. I've learned to duck or run away fast after saying mocking things.
He doesn't like it so much when I joke that he has homework and I don't. ;)

This weekend=me and TayRay in Park City!
All weekend.
Just relaxing.
And celebrating ONE YEAR. :)
Can't wait!

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