Aren't flies amazing?

Welcome to mine and Taylor's conversation last night:

Taylor: "You know when a fly is buzzing around you, so you smack it away with your hand?"
Me: "Yes..."
Taylor: "Okay.  So think about this: You smack it away with your hand.  It loses control of its flight, and falls to the ground.  If the fly was 6ft high and fell, it would be comparable to a human being falling 1,221 feet!  Isn't that something?"
I just stared at him. I just kept thinking: Did this conversation really just happen?
Taylor: "Seriously, isn't that amazing?  And then they get up and keep flying! 1,221 feet! Think about that!"
Then I couldn't help but burst into laughter.  I could not believe that he:
1. Even thought about this.
2. Took the time to calculate the math.

Side note: My figures are probably wrong.  I don't remember the exact numbers he said.  But it was something along these lines.  Yes, he did take the time to actually calculate it out.

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