Puppy girl.

You've heard this story before.
But I'm telling it again.

When Taylor was on his mission (we didn't know each other), I sent a picture to my friend Jordan (who was Taylor's mission companion) of me holding a puppy.  
Random picture, but I think it went with a story I told him in a letter.
Jordan believed that Taylor and I were made for each other.
(see here for full story and for a view of the picture!)
Jordan gave that picture to Taylor so that he could always have a picture of his "future wife" for the rest of his mission.
Even though Taylor had absolutely no intention of meeting me when he came home, he carried that picture around for the rest of his mission just to be funny.
He put it on the fridge of every apartment he moved to.
Him and his companions joked about Puppy Girl.
And when they asked Elder Gilbert (Taylor), "Are you ever going to date Puppy Girl?"
He would say, "Nope."
It was just a big joke.
When Taylor went home after his mission ended, he left the picture on the fridge of his last apartment.

Tonight we met one of Taylor's old mission companions for dinner.
It was my first time meeting him.
The first thing he said was, "Puppy Girl!"
Then he turned to Taylor, "I still can't believe you married Puppy Girl!  You know, Puppy Girl is still hanging on a fridge in Canada.  That story is infamous!"

After hearing that, my heart couldn't help but smile.
Isn't it so funny how things work out?

I'm so glad Taylor married his Puppy Girl.  :)

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