Story time:
So yesterday, I was trying to show part of a video clip to my students.
(I LOVE using video clips while I teach...using movies they love and know to teach historical principles. For example, today I used clips of The Sandlot and Toy Story 3 in my history classes. Students love it, and so do I!)
ANYWAYS, so for some reason my surround sound wouldn't work.
I couldn't figure out if the problem was the speakers or the laptop.
Since I was using the school-provided-laptop to show this video, I decided to plug the speakers into my Mac to see if the problem was the speakers or laptop.

I plug the audio cord into my audio jack.

I freaked out.
And tried not to swear in front of my students.
I wanted to cry.
Why couldn't it have broken off inside of the $400 laptop?
WHY did it have to WAIT to break off in my $1500 MAC!?

So I feebly attempted to pry the little piece out at random intervals throughout the rest of the school day.
No luck.
I called Taylor to tell him the bad news.
I was devastated!

He suggested to go to the Simply Mac store next to our house to see if they could fix it.
Good idea!
So after school, I went straight over.
They told me:
"Sorry, we can't fix that.  But make an appointment at the Apple store, and they can probably help you."
Bad news, but still hopeful news.
Booked an appointment, and today after school I tried attempt #2.
Drove all of the way down to the Apple store.
The nice Apple worker tried a few things.
And then said, "Sorry, there is nothing we can do.  I know you have Apple Care, but this is considered "accidental," so you're not covered."
I acted brave, smiled, shook his hand and thanked him for his efforts.

But when I left the store, the tears came.
Maybe. But I was just so bummed.
My mac is still pretty new, and has so much sentimental value.
Plus...it just plain SUCKS.

I drove home pretty disappointed.
I was listening to the General Relief Society Meeting on my hour drive home.
I tried to remember that this wasn't the end of the world--there are so many more important things than my Macbook pro.
While it helped, it still made me sad/bummed/can'tbelievethis!/disappointed/frustrated to think about.

So I came home.
Plugged in a desk lamp at the kitchen counter.
Gathered some tools around the house that I thought might work to "pry" this thing out.
bobby pin, toothpick, tweezers, paper clip, pen, pencil lead.
But NOTHING would work.
And I was just getting more and more frustrated.
Plus, it was hard to see the little hole with the tears in my eyes.

So, I finally gave up.
I walked into my bedroom to kneel down and pray.
Not to pray about being able to fix it (I had already said a million + one prayers about that).
But I decided to say a prayer to help me with the extreme disappointment and frustration I was feeling over something so worldly and trivial.
I wanted to pray for strength to help myself realize that this really doesn't matter.

Right as I was kneeling, my eye caught sight of something.
An earring on our dresser.
Would that work? I thought.
I slowly stood up.
Took the earring, and walked back to my "work station."

I worked steadily.
And slowly.
And carefully.
And kept praying.
Finally, after a good fifteen minutes of working with this new tool...

I screamed, and danced, and jumped around.
I listened to music on my Mac with headphones BECAUSE I COULD.
But first.
I knelt back down.
And thanked my Heavenly Father for this small miracle.
I find it interesting that it wasn't until I humbled myself and was willing to submit this trivial thing to the Lord that I "suddenly" found the perfect tool and was gifted with enough patience to get the dang thing out!

I am so grateful.

Here are my pictures documenting:

The dang dreaded thing that was stuck in my audio jack.
I believe the picture does justice towards my feelings about it.

Pictures of THE VICTORY:

I am holding the beloved and heroic earring.

Listening to headphones because I CAN!!!

Happiness + giddiness= this picture

No other words can express this moment other than this:

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  1. I love this post! :) Such a great story... a good one to share with the youth and prayer and humility! Thanks for sharing, and so glad you got that little bugger out!