Laptop swap

When I got to work yesterday morning, I realized that I had accidentally taken Taylor's macbook instead of mine...
I immediately started freaking out.
For three reasons:
1. Taylor had a huge paper due that he had been working on all night.  I knew he had lots of documents on his computer that he needed for the school day.
2. All of my lesson plans and everything I needed for the day were on my computer (which was at home)
3. Taylor was still sleeping and I knew he would never wake up to me calling him over and over. I also knew that he wouldn't realize that he had the wrong laptop until the last possible minute. Plus, the high school is a good 20-25 minutes away from our home.

So, I started frantically calling him.
Over and over
and over and over again.
No answer.

Finally, about an hour and a half later, he calls me back.
And he was such a gem.
He didn't freak out.
He just calmly told me he would come switch the laptops.
 I felt bad all day because I wasted an hour of his time (to drive to the school and back), when he could have been finishing his paper.

Thank goodness I have a nice husband for when I make silly mistakes!

The only bad part?
He won't let me live it down.
We frequently make bets with each other, and all yesterday he kept saying, 
"Well, I automatically win, because you took my laptop this morning when I really needed it."
How long is he allowed to use that?

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