If you love me...

It all started with this:
The past few days, Taylor has decided to "take over" my health.  Let me put it this way...I get sick a lot...a lot, a lot, a lot.  Due to the fact that I'm constantly with Tay, when I get sick, Taylor usually gets sick.  Perfect example: I was sick this last weekend, and of course, Taylor got sick from being around me.  Put bluntly, Taylor is sick of getting sick.  So, he bought supplement vitamins for me to take on a daily basis.  There's only one tiny problem: I HATE TAKING PILLS!  I know its all in my mind, but I want to gag every time I even think about it!

That being said, Taylor has been having a heck of a time trying to get me to take these pills.  Last night, it took a good 45 minutes of coaxing...or more correctly put, "threatening" and "forcing," me to take the pills.  It was a typical parent-sickchild situation.  I refused to take the pills, Taylor refused to let me leave the kitchen until I took the pills, I told him he was a big fat meany-head, he told me he didn't care.  I'm sure all parents can relate to this little situation.  It was actually quite a humorous situation.  Even though we were both stubborn, we couldn't help but laugh the whole time. Taylor says he'll be a pro at getting our kids to take medicine after dealing with me. ;)

Anyways, this morning, before Taylor left for work, he kissed me on the check and told me (as I was half-asleep),"If you love me, you will take your vitamins this morning."  About a half hour later, I woke up, got ready, and walked out the door...completely, 100% spacing the fact that I was supposed to take my pills (I have faked "forgetting" a few times the past couple of days...but this morning, I honestly forgot!).

When I picked Taylor up for lunch, he asked me, "Do you love me?"
My response: "Of course."
Taylor: "Well, good.  That means you took your pills."
My face must have given away the fact that I had not taken the pills, because he immediately put on his puppy-dog face and said, "You don't love me..."
I quickly said, "That's not fair!  You can't say "if you love me, do this....!"  Of course I love you!  That's like me saying, "If you love me, buy me a Macbook Pro today!"

About five hours later, I came home to find this:
I guess he's proven his point. And I guess he really does love me. :)


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