Pictures from our weekend

I know this post is a little late, but I just saw some pictures on my phone from this past weekend that I thought I would share.

Even though Marci looks slightly bored in the picture on the right, we had a great time.

On Saturday night, we had our friends, Luke and Kaitlyn (soon to be married!!), over.  Taylor made an awesome dinner, with yummy cookies brought by L&K to enjoy afterwards. Yum! After dinner and dessert, we sat around the table and talked for a few hours.  Taylor got too excited at one point...and this is where he ended up.  It was too funny.
I think I need to start enforcing the "four feet on the ground" rule with Taylor...

This has been my life as of late: 
Reading. Eating snack-pack pudding.  It all brings me back to a more nostalgic, carefree time of my youth. Love it!

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  1. hahha, i thought i was you! until i saw you said something about me. then i had to scroll back up. weird.