Days we're looking forward to:

March 16th: A get together with my three siblings and spouses will result in a riotous night full of Hand and Foot games
the sibs.

 March 17th: Our adorable niece, Emma, is spending the night at our house.
Emma Babe

March 27th: My parents come to town!
April 3rd: Taylor is going to Park City for the weekend for work.  While I'll miss him like crazy, I know he's excited for the good times he'll have up there.  He's staying in a Penthouse!
April 8th: Our six-month anniversary!
April 9th: I get to go with my awesome mother-in-law and sister-in-law to Southern California...girls trip!
April 17th: End of BYU finals! I don't have finals this semester (yay!), but Taylor is stoked to be done.
April 20th: My graduation from BYU. Oh yeah!
April 21st: OUR SUMMER BREAK BEGINS!! ...and we are celebrating by buying awesome sunglasses.  Great way to start the new season!
Tried these on in Nordstroms the other day. Fell in love.

May 23rd Taylor's brother, Seth, comes home from his mission!  Since their missions overlapped, Taylor and Seth haven't seen each other for almost four years!  It will be such a sweet reunion.

Too much happiness in the next couple of months! I just can't wait!

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