I'm a teacher.

I love the students in A-4. Funny kids. Smart kids.  Today, we did texting polls to review for what we learned last class.  Texting polls work like this: students text in which answer they think is the correct answer.  As the program receives the text, it will automatically reflect which percentage of students have guessed which questions.

It's the best program ever. I love it.

Anyways, after doing a few review-based texting polls at the beginning of class, the students asked if they could do one more that was just a "fun one."  I agreed, and asked them what question they wanted to answer.  One student said, "Let's guess your middle name!" Sounds good to me.  I made a bet with them:  if 100% of the students got the answer correct, they could all leave class (keep in mind, this was about 10 minutes after class started).  Risky bet?  Very.  But I was confident in my "trickster" skills.  Since the projector was still on, they could all see me create the poll.  So they saw me put in every answer option.  I "thought" about each option, so as to throw them off.  Then the ultimate curve ball?  As I was "thinking" of the last name to write down (the correct answer), I stalled a little longer than the other three times.  One student shouted out, "Use the name Camille!"  So I started typing "Camille" and then paused, backspaced and said, "No, I just thought of one."  And then typed in "Kristine." <----the correct answer.  They were all confident that Kristine was not the answer.  At least they were smart and all chose to answer the same one. But sadly, they did not get it right.  Ah, the joys of being a teacher.


  1. hey two of those names are mine! i feel so special!

  2. ps. i thought you were going to put like "kristine" "christine" etc.