Ode to childhood

While walking to our apartment door at the end of the day, I noticed this little bike toppled over on the sidewalk in front of our next door neighbor's beautiful home. I was caught off guard by the nostalgic feelings of childhood I was suddenly consumed with. I was reminded of my own sweet childhood memories: trying to to keep up with my siblings on my tricycle (a gift for my 4th birthday) as we raced around the court, dropping everything as Mom or Dad called us in for dinner, chatting noisily around the dinner table, being pushed on swings (the best was when Dad would push us and do is infamous "underdog" swing), crying over spilled milk or a broken Barbie, quietly playing bedtime games when we were supposed to be sleeping, using our imaginations to play innovative childish games that we couldn't get enough of, snuggling up on Mom or Dad's lap at the end of the day, getting a kiss from Mom on bruised knees, elbows, or even foreheads (that's a story for later) when you run too fast for your little legs to keep up, hiding behind Dad's legs when you're too shy to say hello, feeling so great about yourself when your Mom praises you for your beautiful picture of the family and hangs it on the fridge for all to see (when in reality the picture is nothing more than an array of scribbles and disconnected lines) ...I could go on and on.

There is something so precious in the simplicity and innocence of childhood. As much as I miss these sweet memories, I know that they have shaped me into the person I am today, and I couldn't be more grateful. A hoorah for wonderful moms and dads all over the world is much deserved.

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