Let's play!

Taylor and I had an awesome Friday night.  We were invited on a quadruple date with some awesome couples. The hosts, Brody and Jenny, always cook the best food ever.  On the menu for the date?  Crepes! We love crepes!  First, we had savory crepes.  With a choice of ham, turkey, cheese, avocados, tomatoes, and more!  The best part?  We all sat on pillows on the floor around the grills.  We ate to our hearts content!  Then, came my favorite part: desert crepes!  Nutella, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream galore!  There were lots of laughs and good times around.

To end the night, we played our Mormon version of beer pong: root beer pong!  Taylor and I made it to the final round, but alas, did not come out the victors.  I was soooo full and ready to lose all of my crepes on the last round, so my good man was such a gent and drank all of my cups that round.  Thanks, babe. :)  I did feel a little guilty when he had to sit outside for 10 minutes afterwards to keep himself from throwing up.

Taylor and I had to leave the festivities early, because I had a big test in the morning, but we sure had a good time. What a great night!  I'm excited for what the rest of the weekend has in store for us.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!

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