The Little Things

Thursdays are my least favorite day of the week (yes, I know today is Friday...this post is for yesterday!).  Why?  I student teach from 7:15am-2:45pm.  Then I go straight to work for my longest shift of the week, 3pm-9pm.  By the time I arrive home at around 9:15, I'm absolutely exhausted from going, going, going all day.

However, yesterday turned out being my favorite day this week...and it was a Thursday (the day I hate the most!)!  And it's all thanks to the little things in life:

1. Once again, I came home to an awesome meal made by Tay.  I couldn't believe that he waited until 9pm to eat dinner with me. What a stud.  He's made dinner every night this week!  I have an awesome husband.  And, don't tell anyone, but...his meals are ten times better than mine.  (I guess this is more of a big thing than a little thing.  But regardless, it made my day)

These little things. (The potatoes were so dang good! pepper-jack cheese bacon burgers on wheat bread...yum!)

2. One of our table chairs is a little broken.  If you stand it up, you can't tell.  But you don't want to sit in it...haha.  That's actually how it broke: Taylor sat down on it one day, and then...CRASH! He came tumbling down, along with the chair.  It just snapped! Anyways, I always sit in the chair next to the broken one.  Since the broken chair is extremely weak, every night (without fail) my elbow will knock it over while I'm trying to eat.  It's come to the point that we don't even mention it anymore.  We sit down for dinner, start to eat, my elbow bumps the chair, and it falls over. Every night. After dinner, I'll stand it back up and let it await it's daily fall during tomorrow's dinner.   However, last night when it's daily fall occurred, Taylor stopped, mid-bite, and said, "Every night."  And we couldn't help but burst into laughter.

This little thing.

3. I was so excited when Taylor told me our Girl Scout cookies had come! Yahoo!

These little things.

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